15 quotes about educating in a pandemic


Teaching during a pandemic is no small matter, and juicy quotes are honestly the last thing most of us need right now. That’s why these quotes spoke to us about teaching during the pandemic – they address the real challenges we all face.

1. See you

And couldn’t respect you anymore.

2. To my teacher friends

Come on team!

3. Conclusion …

Real connection.

4. Dig deep

And treat yourself to a latte while you’re at it!

5. The most important

It’s the children, always the children.

6. Teaching is an art

What could be more important than creating a safe space?

7. Scream at my looks

Hey Santa, can I ask about things for my friends?

8. This too will pass

It’s hard to believe when you’re in the middle of it all, but true.

9. You are enough

And your students love you for it.

10. The most important lesson

Everything else comes after that.

11. Perfection not required

Just be your positive self.

12. Is that some kind of test?

Some days it sure feels that way.

13. Keep the Faith

We may not know when this thing will end, but we are all in.

14. Keep the boat afloat

Very solid.

15. Truth

Teachers are warriors.

Do you have a favorite teacher quote that will help you out with the pandemic? Share in the comments!

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