The 15 finest trainer presents to ship by mail or e-mail


If ever there was a time when teachers could use appreciation, this is it! This year, choosing teacher gifts could be a little more difficult as many teachers and children don’t even see each other in person. Fortunately, there are plenty of great teacher gifts out there that you can send by email or regular mail. (Some of these stamps may require some extra stamps, so be sure to check the postage rates before shipping.) Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen.

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1. Thank you note

We’ve said it over and over again, thank you notes are amazing gifts for teachers. Whether from parents, children, school principals or colleagues, all educators welcome (and deserve!) A pat on the back. Younger kids can use The Suburban Mom’s free printable template to send their warm wishes. You don’t know your teacher’s address? Take a photo and email it!

2. Handmade card

Do you feel smart? Pull out the construction paper, scissors, glue, and glitter (if you dare!) And design a special card for your favorite teacher. Fun House Toys shows you how to make a beautiful 3-D bouquet that every teacher will love.

Learn more: Fun house toys

3. Paper bouquet

Not that smart? That’s fine because the cool card maker Lovepop has everything prepared for you. They have incredible designs including pop-up bouquets of flowers that fold flat for mail!

Buy it: Lovepop wildflower bouquet popup card

4. Send a hug

Here’s an especially cute idea for distance teachers – send them the hugs they miss this year. The length of the string corresponds to your child’s outstretched arms. So thoughtful!

Learn more: Loving green

5. Sticky Notes

Individual notepads are small enough to fit in a regular envelope with a card. (You may need a little extra postage so check the weight.) And teachers never run out of uses for them!

Buy it: Redi-Tag Thought Bubble Sticky Notes

6. Plantable paper wishes

Put these little hearts in a thank you note – they’re made of paper with flower seeds embedded in them for recipients to toss out into the garden in spring. For a special note, write a wish for your teacher (happiness, joy, peace, coffee …).

Buy it: Bloomin Seed Paper Hearts

7. Popcorn

Give your favorite teacher a sweet treat to keep them going during the nightly grading sessions (or movie marathons during the winter break). Shipping costs are included in these cute boxes, so you can get a nice gift for less than ten dollars.

Buy it: Popcorn factory cards with pop

8. Fold reusable bags

Sometimes teachers have more to carry than can fit in their reliable teacher bag. That’s why we like these little foldable bags. They’re the perfect size to stash a purse or keep in a desk drawer when you need a little extra luggage space. Plus, they’re small and light enough to fit in a thank you card envelope.

Buy it: Collapsible reusable bags, set of 5

9. Amazon Prime Membership

Did you know that you can give away an Amazon Prime membership? If a full year is over your budget, try the 3 month option. Even if your teacher recipient already has Prime, they can use it to renew their current membership.

Buy it: Amazon Prime Gift membership

10. Acoustic membership

Audible offers all types of eBooks, so there is something for everyone here. You can buy Audible gift memberships monthly, so it’s an affordable choice in every price range.

Buy it: Audible membership

11. Magazine subscription

During the vacation, many magazines offer discount subscriptions (some as low as $ 5 for a full year!). Here are some of our favorites to try.

12. eBooks

If you know their tastes at reading, e-books can make fantastic gifts for teachers. Select your book and Amazon will send an email letting it know how to get it. (You can read the book on any computer, phone, or tablet using the Kindle app.) Here are some we love.

13. Streaming Services

Give entertainment! Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu sell gift cards at most major retailers that work for new and existing subscribers. Other services offer gift subscriptions on their website. Try Broadway HD for theater lovers or The Criterion Channel for cinephiles.

14. Snackbox subscription

Send teachers fun snacks from around the world or closer to home with a monthly snack box delivery. You can use these favorites to send subscriptions for a month, three months, six months, or a year. Your teacher will receive an email allowing them to activate their treats whenever they’re ready so you don’t have to worry about a home address.

15. Gift cards

When in doubt, gift cards are the best gifts for teachers. Many retailers have digital options that you can email, making them perfect for last minute shoppers. Amazon and Target are reliable options. This is also where you can find our full list of the most popular teacher gift cards.

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