12 inspiring Presidents’ Day movies for teenagers

In the US, we celebrate Presidents Day on the third Monday in February. Originally a day to commemorate Washington’s birthday, it has over time been expanded to include Lincoln’s birth in February. Today is a day when all American commanders in chief are honored. These Presidents’ Day videos cover the story of the day as well as loads of fun and interesting facts about each of our presidents. Use them as an introduction to other Presidents’ Day activities!

1. History of President’s Day

Here is a brief story of the vacation, told in less than two minutes. Fun fact: Presidents’ Day never falls on a President’s birthday!

2. Facts about Presidents’ Day Fun

Speaking of fun facts, this video has a few more to share. Who knew that Botswana, for example, had its own Presidential Day?

3. Song of the US Presidents

There are plenty of Presidents’ Day videos out there listing the presidents in order, but this is the only one we found updated through the newly-inductee Joe Biden. In addition, the hip-hop beat provides an appealing touch!

4. Facts of the President

Do you know that there was only one president who was elected unanimously? Or that two presidents were once arrested together? Learn these facts and more in this fascinating video.

5. Presidential Coins Song

Little learners practice with money by singing along to this Presidents’ Day video. Hand out some coins so they can examine them while they watch.

6. 60-second president


PBS has quite a few quick presidential bios. Observe them all or have each student choose one and then tell the class what they have learned.

7. Disney The American Presidents


Disney also has a fun series of Presidents’ Day biographical videos. Each is about three minutes long and full of interesting information that kids will enjoy.

8. Washington precedents

We know that not every history teacher has time to dress up in costumes and do song parodies for YouTube. Fortunately, Mr. Betts does! This deals with all precedents that Washington has created for our country, based on Toto’s “Africa”.

9. Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President

The kid’s narrator and easy animation of this longer video make it an excellent choice for elementary school classes. Learn all about Lincoln’s life, tenure, and untimely death.

10. The Civil War: The Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address, perhaps the President’s greatest speech of all time, should be heard and examined by every student. This excerpt from Ken Burns’ Civil War series puts him in context. (It includes some photos of dead soldiers on the battlefield, so it may not be suitable for younger children.)

11. Mr. Lincoln Song

We love this fun, folk song that celebrates Lincoln’s history and legacy. Don’t blame us if the chorus gets stuck in your head!

12. 43 facts about 43 presidents

Would you like to learn about each POTUS in just two minutes? This video is for you! It was made a few years ago and covers presidents from Washington to Obama. Have your students dig up and add their own facts about our newer leaders.

Did you enjoy these Presidents’ Day videos? Check out our Favorite Presidents Day activities for the classroom.

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