18 break anchor diagrams on your classroom

Are you planning faction lessons for your class? These fractional anchor diagrams can aid your teaching and increase student understanding. Below are examples of fractions vocabulary, comparing and simplifying, math operations, and mixed numbers!

1. Learn the vocabulary

First and foremost, help students understand the fractions vocabulary so that the class can go smoothly.

Source: Liberty Pines

2. What is a break?

This can be kept for the students during your faction class.

Source: Young Teacher’s Love

3. Use a number line

The visualization of the parts of a whole that each fraction represents is possible with the help of number lines.

Source: Mill Creek

4. Representation of fractions

Different variations of the representation and reflection of fractions give students multiple ways to understand the concept.

Source: Lessons with a mountain view

5. Compare fractions

Focus on denominators to compare fractions.

Source: One-Stop Teacher Shop

6. Equivalent Fractions

Teaching equivalent fractions is fundamental before using any math operations on fractions.

Source: CC Wright Elementary School

7. Right and improper fractions

Gain an understanding of correct and improper fractions with pie pieces and building blocks.

Source: Mrs. Lee

8. Simplify fractions

Define and use the greatest common factor with this anchor diagram.

Source: teaching coast 2 coast

9. View fraction concepts

Display multiple fraction concepts on a cohesive diagram to remind students.

Source: lessons in high heels

10. Create common denominators

These four options, to form a common denominator, will allow your students to find a method that works for them.

Source: Jennifer Findley

11. Steps to add and subtract

Post this in the classroom to give students a 4 step process to follow as they learn to add and subtract fractions.

Source: Living With Ones

12. Add fractions with unequal denominators

With this block method, changes in unequal denominators can be visualized.

Source: Mrs. Sandford

13. Subtracting fractions with unequal denominators

Include these steps and visuals for subtracting with unequal denominators.

Source: Blend Space

14. Multiply fractions

The steps provide easy guidance for students to follow as they implement the different types of numbers that can be used to multiply a fraction.

Source: Ms. Belbin

15. Dividing fractions with word problems

Word problems create real-world scenarios for students to understand division with fractions.

Source: Mrs. Doerre

16. What is a mixed number?

Explain mixed numbers in terms of fractions.

Source: Königsberg

17. Mixed numbers and improper fractions

Switching between mixed numbers and improper fractions is crucial.

Source: Thetaylortitaner

18. Add and subtract mixed numbers

Add mixed numbers and subtract with these fun “sneaker” steps.

Source: Establishing Connections Connection

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