25 must-have classroom cleansing provides you want this yr

There is a lot of learning in the classroom, but it can also get pretty messy. Sometimes it feels like any surface is going to get downright gross fast – especially during cold and flu season! Whether you’re dealing with glue, glitter, or germy hands, you need the right classroom cleaning supplies to get you through the school year. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry, we’re here for you! Let’s look at our top 25 cleaning supplies.

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1. Hand Sanitizer

What did teachers do before hand sanitizer? Well, our generation survived (mostly), but it sure is nice to have a pump in the classroom. It also helps make those heartwarming high fives and card games a little less contagious. (Maybe you should grab some bottles.)

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2. Clorox disinfectant wipes

It’s as simple as taking a Clorox wipe and cleaning up a germy mess. These disinfecting wipes work great on so many surfaces including wood, granite and stainless steel. Keep a few containers in your classroom and your car, and don’t forget about school parties and field trips!

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3. Wet

Sometimes our hands need more scrubbing than the sanitizer can do, but using a sink isn’t always possible. Soap and water are best, but Wet Ones can also help remove stubborn dirt and grime. These could be especially useful before and after snacks or lunch.

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4. Tissue

Have you seen how gross things can get when kids don’t have tissues in the classroom? Suddenly her sleeves are covered in slimy residue and you have to watch it for the rest of the day. Save yourself the headache and have some Kleenex on your desk to use.

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5. Paper towels

Clean up in aisle five! Jokes aside, there will be moments when something spills and you don’t want to be crawling around. One of the most important cleaning supplies in the classroom is definitely paper towels. Whether it’s spilled milk or worse (or much, much worse), you probably have something to clean up before the bell rings.

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6. Prince & Spring scrubbing pads

Need to use a little elbow grease on a hard clean? These scrubbing pads will do the trick (and help you save on paper towels)!

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7. Scrubbing dad

How adorable are these colorful smiley face sponges? They’re perfect for getting your students to help out when it’s time to clean up the classroom. In addition, they are gentle and do not scratch sensitive surfaces.

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8. Prince & Spring Ultra Powerful Exfoliating Eraser

You can’t change the past… but you can erase some mistakes! Get rid of scratches and scribbles easily with this handy mop. It’s a lifesaver!

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9. Microfiber Cloth

Would you like to reduce your consumption of paper products? While there will be times when you practically cannot avoid using paper towels, for every other moment you can use a microfiber towel. Instead of adding to our growing landfills, just throw it in the washing machine and use it again!

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10. Lysol All Purpose Cleaner

This versatile, all-purpose cleaner eliminates viruses and bacteria on desks and counters, as well as washable walls, chairs and trash cans.

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11. Multi-purpose green spray

A day of crafting, kids doodling on desks, and more might have you reaching for the next spray bottle. Try to choose something that is effective but also non-toxic and environmentally friendly. A good multipurpose spray is a must on any classroom cleaning supplies list!

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12. Air Freshener

You already know that classrooms can get pretty smelly for so many reasons. When odors linger, it can become a real distraction. A neutral air freshener can make life so much easier – just check with your students if anyone is sensitive to smells.

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13. Swiffer mop

During the day, many things can contribute to clutter on your classroom floor. From food crumbs to confetti, nobody wants to feel their feet crunching as they walk across the room. A conventional broom is also very helpful, but a Swiffer can remove very small particles even faster!

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14. Shaving cream

It might seem strange if you’ve never heard of this hack, but many teachers stock up on shaving cream at the beginning of the year. Why? Because it can take a dingy, boring desk and restore it to its former glory. It’s really magical!

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15. Magic eraser

The Magic Eraser is one of the best things about cleaning. Add a little water and use it to remove marker or crayon marks from almost any surface. Doors, desks, seats… You’ll be amazed at how quickly the doodles are gone.

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16. Nail polish remover

Stock up on classroom cleaning supplies? Grab some nail polish remover. No, you won’t be giving your students manicures, but removing permanent markers from desks can help. If you’re wondering which brand to buy, some teachers swear by Sally Hansen!

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17. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide

Want an easy DIY solution to sanitizing your classroom without bleach? Some teachers use a combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to spray down contaminated surfaces. There are some research suggest it works!

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18. Clorox Clean-Up all-purpose cleaner

It’s hard to beat the power of bleach! Reach for this fantastic spray whenever you need to deep clean your classroom (e.g. for post-holiday germs and sickness)!

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19. Protective gloves

As a teacher, you are on the front lines when something goes wrong with students. From toilet accidents to an upset stomach and bloody noses, you’re more likely to come into contact with some type of bodily fluid. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have gloves nearby to protect yourself in such situations. Some kids are sensitive to latex, so opt for the non-allergenic kind.

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20. Supply Caddy

It’s so much easier to grab a caddy full of classroom cleaning supplies than trying to carry each item individually. Do yourself a favor and get one! Take a look around and find the right size for what you need.

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21. Carpet sweeper

It seems like the floors are constantly covered in pencil shavings, scraps of paper, and crumbs. These carpet sweepers are great for picking up dirt quickly and they work on tile and hardwood floors too.

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22. Magnetic Bars

This may seem like a better item for your STEM supplies, but it’s also a handy tool for quickly picking up paper clips, staples, pins, and other metal objects that have fallen into the carpet.

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23. Toothbrushes

This one isn’t for brushing your teeth, it’s for removing earwax from earplugs! Keep one for each student or discard after use. Either way, your students will be grateful the next time they need to listen to an audio book or online lesson.

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24. Q-Tips

Q-Tips are perfect for getting into those hard-to-reach places like laptop and desktop keyboards. If you run out of Q-Tips, you can also use sticky notes to clean the keyboards. Simply flip the note – sticky side down – and slide it between the rows of buttons.

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25. The custodian number

You can’t do everything even if you wish. For those moments when you need to call in backup, make sure you know how to contact your manager quickly.

When it comes to cleaning, consumables are not the only thing we need. Check out these cleaning hacks for teachers for quick cleaning tips.

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