25 Trainer Appreciation Presents for 2023 They’re going to Actually Love

Teacher Appreciation Week begins May 8, 2023, but you don’t have to limit your teacher appreciation gifts to just one week. From cute but practical to downright decadent and delicious, we’ve rounded up some awesome items that teachers will really enjoy. Let your favorite educators know how amazing they really are!

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1. Personalized whiteboard kit

Chalkboards are now a thing of the past and whiteboards are where it’s at! This personalized whiteboard eraser, packed with some new markers, makes a really cool gift for any teacher.

Buy it: Personalized Whiteboard Set/Etsy

2. Sticky note holder

Help teachers keep those always-useful sticky notes close at hand with these adorable little personalized holders. Don’t forget to include a multipack of colorful notepads!

Buy it: Personalized Sticky Note Holder/Etsy

3. Lovepop bouquets

Lovepop’s thank you cards are all great, and their pop-up paper bouquets last long after Teacher Appreciation Week is over. These are keepsakes they can display for ages.

Buy it: Sunflower Thank You Bundle/Lovepop

4. Personalized Bookmark

These are perfect for your child’s favorite reading or language arts teacher. There are a few different wording options to choose from, but this one is our favorite.

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Bookmarks/Etsy

5. Succulent Planter

Give them a low maintenance succulent in a personalized planter for a thoughtful gift that will last! You can buy a succulent at the supermarket to put in this cute little pot.

Buy it: Personalized Succulent Planter/Etsy

6. Thank You Letter

Never underestimate the power of a heartfelt thank you note! Students can create their own, or you can purchase this printable card that they can use to add color and add their own message.

Buy it: Colored Teacher Thank You Card/Etsy

7. Gift card in a personalized case

Coupons never go out of style! Pair it with a custom printable gift card holder and you have a personalized gift. Here is the full list of the most popular teacher gift cards.

Buy it: Personalized Gift Card Holder/Etsy

8. The Teacher Appreciation Book

Help kids create a keepsake teachers will cherish. Each page of this book offers suggestions to inspire students to write down their favorite memories and thoughtful words that any teacher will love to hear.

Buy: The Teacher Appreciation Book/Amazon

9. Custom stamp

Teachers love stamps! Choose a new one for their stash, or go all out and buy them a custom stamp like nobody else. (Bonus idea: add a rainbow ink pad to make their stamps even cooler.)

Buy it: Personalized Teacher Stamp/Etsy

10. Really good chocolate

Teachers basically run on coffee and chocolate! Give them the goodies, like a box of Godiva, to make their day a little sweeter.

Learn more: Godiva Chocolatier 19 Piece Gold Gift Box/Amazon

11. Personalized Pencils

We can’t even begin to count how many pens teachers use in a school year. Help them stick with at least a few of them with a personalized pack tailored just for them.

Buy it: Personalized Pens/Etsy

12. Baked by Melissa Cupcakes

Nothing says celebration like delicious cupcakes! You can, of course, bake them yourself, but if you don’t have time, try this variety of flavors like s’mores, cake batter sprinkles and electric tie-dye. There are even gluten free and vegan options. Check out their latest discount codes.

Buy it: Thank You Cupcake Gift Box/Baked by Melissa

13. Bouquet

Brighten up a teacher’s day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Bouqs. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles. These flowers are sourced directly from farmers who employ sustainable growing practices such as minimizing waste and recycling water.

Buy it: Farmers Choice Bouquet/Bouqs

14. New socks

Wearing gifts can be a little tricky, but socks are pretty much a one-size-fits-all. There are many fun novelties that make great gifts for teachers. We love this school supply set.

Buy it: HAPPYPOP 2 Pairs Teacher Socks/Amazon

15. Unique stickers

Children and teachers share a love of stickers. One of our favorite sources for unique picks is Pipsticks, which even offers a sticker subscription box!

Buy it: motivational quotes or tie-dye dinosaurs/pipsticks

16. Raise your hand word art

Want to celebrate a memorable year in a unique way? This art print turns student names into word clouds in the shape of raised hands. Clever!

Buy: Teacher Appreciation Word Art/Etsy

17. Scones of the Seven Sisters

Here’s another tasty snack option – tender scones. They come in sweet and savory, and you can customize the flavor choices too. Psst! Save 10% with the code: SISTER.

Buy it: Sconie™ (Mini-Scone) Sampler/Seven Sisters Scones

18. Multi tool

Let’s face it, teachers need to be able to do a little bit of everything. That’s why this multi-tool makes a cool teacher appreciation gift. The accompanying card gives it away too!

Buy: Teacher Multi-Tool/Dear Ava

19. Personalized stationery

Even in this email age we live in, teachers still take a lot of handwritten notes, so give them custom stationery that suits their personality. Minted has hundreds of amazing personalized greeting cards, and they also have a collection of teacher appreciation gifts like custom artwork and jigsaw puzzles.

Buy it: Painted Spines/Embossed

20. Fingerprint Item no

How cute is this idea? Each student contributes their thumbprint to make an uplifting keepsake for their teacher!

Buy: Fingerprint Art/Etsy

21. Teacher hair ties

Does your favorite teacher like to wear ponytails? Then these cute school themed hair ties are a great gift for teachers! They come in groups of three in a variety of patterns.

Buy it: Teacher Hair Ties/Etsy

22. Custom bookplates

Class libraries usually contain many books that teachers pay for with their own money. Help them make sure those books keep coming home with personalized bookplate stickers.

Buy: Personalized Bookplate/Etsy

23. Audible Membership

Give a light-loving teacher plenty of audiobooks to enjoy during their well-deserved free time. Audible Gift Memberships are available from one month to one year, so there are options for all price points.

Buy: Audible Gift Membership/Amazon

24. Kindle Paperwhite or Fire

If you’re treating yourself or looking for a gift from the whole class, Amazon’s e-readers and tablets offer excellent value for money. If your teacher already has one, consider a Kindle Unlimited membership.

Buy: Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD 8 Tablet/Amazon

25.Amazon Echo

There are a surprising number of games and activities you can do with Alexa in the classroom, not to mention cool ways to use voice search. Give teachers a chance to try it out with their own Amazon Echo.

Buy: Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

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