26 lovely and provoking spring poems for the classroom

Poetry is powerful, but it can also be intimidating. The right poems open up a new world for students and give them a new perspective on the world around them. When the seasons change, poetry is a wonderful way to look for deeper meanings when the snow melts and flowers bloom. Here are some lovely spring poems that kids of all ages can share and explore in the classroom.

Spring is a busy time of year!

“Look around, look around!”

This cute spring poem for kids is all about growing!

Ask students to write down how they feel on cold spring days. Use this timetable to spark a discussion.

“Sky, streams and flowers and birds that sing.”

Spring is a season for everyone!

Discuss the transitory, fleeting nature of spring.

Create a lesson on how spring “carefully changes everything.”

“The maples never knew you were coming.”

A great poem about how our world changes when the seasons change.

Teach this poem and ask students how the speaker feels about the cherry blossoms she sees.

“And he is awake who thinks he is asleep.”

13. First Green Flare by Sidney Wade

Do the first signs of spring inspire us to live more fully?

Spring brings so much hope and promise.

14. Jumping by Marie Ponsot

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be water?

How do we feel in spring after a long winter?

What would a bird’s life be like at the airport?

As the days get longer, the sun rises earlier and brings everything to life.

Spring is a magical season for gardeners.

Spring is like a feast for the eyes.

“I know a little girl, she is very fair and sweet.”

Is everything louder in spring after the quiet winter?

What does it mean to be “in pain, to be one with spring”? Use this timetable to teach this thought-provoking poem.

Could we be “fully growing” like flowers in spring? Use this timetable to start a conversation.

We can feel the beauty of spring blooming in our hearts.

26. Spring Storm by William Carlos Williams

This is one of the most beautiful spring poems for children!

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