30 enjoyable fraction video games and actions for youths

There are so many fun ways to explore fractions with young learners. And we all know that through hands-on activities, kids make a deeper connection to learning. So it’s important to have a wide variety of activities on hand to help kids learn this tricky concept. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular fraction games and activities to try in the classroom or at home.

1. Build factions with clay

Have students use a plastic cup or cookie cutter to cut out circles of different colored dough. Then have each student use a plastic knife to cut their circles into different fractions (halves, quarters, thirds, etc.). Finally, use Fractions to help students find equivalent fractions and form math sentences that are greater than and less than.

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2. Make a break sundae

Students follow the recipe to create a delicious sundae with ice cream, sprinkles and cherries!

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3. Sort sticky notes

Divide sticky notes into sections, then have the children sort them on anchor charts. We especially love using fun shapes like hearts or stars!

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4. Connect fractions to learn and win

Use a Connect Four set to play fractional games! The goal is to match not only your colors but also the fractions themselves. For example, you need four quarters in a row, but only three thirds, so strategy is also required.

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5. Shoot hoops

Using the smallest official Nerf basketball set in the world, students shoot a set number of hoops, track their success, and turn each round into a fraction.

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6. Solve the fraction of the day

Fractions are one of those math concepts that we actually use quite a bit in everyday life. Make them a part of routine practice by asking a new split-day question every morning, e.g. B. “What percentage of the class is wearing shorts today?”

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7. Reach for spoons

If you’ve played Spoons before, you know the drill. Match four of a kind (this time using free printable fraction cards found at the link below) and you get to grab a spoon – and everyone else too! The loser takes a letter of the word SPOON and the game continues.

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8. Fix them

Comparing fractions is definitely a bit of a challenge. This simple, free printable game asks kids to rank a series of four fractions from smallest to largest. You can race to see who finishes first or challenge yourself to find the right answer.

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9. Whip up some s’mores

Can you think of a better way to grab your students’ attention than by mentioning a tasty treat? Your students will love this hands-on activity on equivalent fractions.

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10. Fight it out in a faction war

Your kids probably already know how to play card war. This version only adds a break aspect. Students deal two cards—a numerator and a denominator—then determine whose fraction is the largest. The winner keeps all four cards and play continues until the cards are gone. You can also play with these free printable fraction cards.

11. Noodles with breaks around

It’s so easy to make these pool noodle math manipulations that you can then use for all kinds of fraction games and activities. Here’s how to make them and get ideas for using them.

12. Build excitement with LEGO fraction games and activities

Representing fractions is easier (and a lot more fun) when you use LEGO bricks! Place them next to each other or build towers. No matter how you play, this is a surefire hit.

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13. Try butterfly fractions

Teach your older students the butterfly method of adding and subtracting fractions. The step-by-step instructions guide you through the process.

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14. Make paper plate fractions

Such a fun, colorful way to play with fractions and equivalences! Get the full guide here.

15. Boogie down with newspaper factions

turn up the music Start with a full newspaper as a dance floor for each student, then fold it in half. Keep folding the paper into smaller and smaller dance floors and watch kids get creative as they try to stay on the paper.

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16. Go to Fraction Avenue

This is such a fun activity! Get the free printable street scene at the link. Then have the children follow the instructions to add details. For example, 2/8 of the homes have dogs outside. Ask the children to reduce the fraction, and then draw the correct number of puppies.

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17. Divvy Up Buttons

This is a great hands-on activity, especially if you’re trying not to use food as a math manipulative. Solicit donations of buttons from your community and have a large supply ready. For this activity, have each student take a large handful of colored buttons and add up how many they have. Then have them group the buttons by color. Finally, have them write a fractional equivalent for each color.

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18. Jump into Faction Hopscotch

It’s heaven and hell – with a fraction of the game! Draw a hopscotch board on the playground (or sketch one with tape on your classroom or hallway floor). Label the squares with fractions instead of whole numbers. Children throw a marker and jump to where it lands, then name the appropriate fractions for that square.

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19. Convert your name to fractions

Who would have thought that your own name hides so many fractions? Ask the students these questions and ask them to find their own fractions as well.

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20. Have a fractional picnic

Offer a variety of food pictures clipped from magazines or printed off the internet. Students plan a picnic and choose the food to bring. Using a ruler and scissors, cut out portions of your food choices and stick them onto a paper plate. Finally, label each item with the name of the faction. Bon appetit!

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21. Put a twist on breaking fun

Kids love things that spin, so they’ll love these free printable fractions games and activities. Since the spinners are just pencils and paperclips, each child can have their own while practicing their breaking skills. Get the entire free gameset here.

22. Color your way to break bingo

Playing Fractional Bingo requires learning and strategy. Children color parts of the circles to get five in a row based on the fractions the teacher calls out. Of course, the best thing is to yell “Bingo!”

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23. Reduce fractions and run to the goal

Children draw a card (see the link below for the free printable cards and charts) and reduce the fraction shown. You then move along the board to the next matching square. The first to the end wins!

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24. Build relationships while developing math skills

Divide the students into small groups. Give each group a list of questions they can use to find out more about each other. Have them record their results in the form of fractions on a poster.

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25. Harness their creativity with Bruch Pictionary

Can you draw a fraction – without using any numbers? That is the challenge of this fraction game. Children can draw individual objects that are divided to represent fractions or to be more creative. For example, they could draw three apples and two oranges to represent three fifths.

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26. Got caught in a fracture fiasco

Once they understand the rules, kids add fractions and check each other’s work in this free printable game. All instructions and the game board can be found in the link below.

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27. Expect domino breaks

Dominoes are like ready fractures! Multiply (or add, subtract or divide) them and reduce the results. Turn it into a race to see who finishes – right – first.

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28. Use M&Ms to teach fractions

Begin this activity with instructions for your students to eat their math manipulatives after class! Then let them dive into creating different factions.

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29. Play with pattern blocks

If you already have pattern blocks handy, you can put them to good use in some fraction games. In this one, kids spin to see how many blocks they can add to their board to be the first to build six complete shapes.

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30. Shake it up with number ties

All you need is a plastic cup and two-sided counters. Children shake the cup and pour the game pieces onto the table, then count how many of each color landed face up. For example, if 13 checkers were rolled, six red and seven blue would end up face up. Six and seven are both parts of 13 (the whole). Have students write the tie numbers and fractions for each color.

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What are your favorite fraction games and activities for kids? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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