36 faculty poems for each scholar

The end of summer is always so bittersweet. As we say goodbye to the long, warm days, we return to our classroom with excitement. What will the new year bring? Sharing these inspiring back to school poems is the perfect way to help students (and teachers) with this yearly transition.

The best back to school poems for elementary school

1. I am not afraid of life by Maya Angelou

“This new classroom where all the boys pull my hair …”

September 2nd is here by Lenore Hetrick

“In the morning the school bells ring …”

3. A school poem by Sara Holbrook

“I looked at each repetition again.”

4. I can be a buddy of Kristin Smith

“I can be a buddy when you’re feeling blue.”

5. School poem by an unknown author

6. We’re going back to Twinkl’s school

“We could get nervous at the door.”

7. Almost time for Lenore Hetrick’s school

“Because Queen August raised her hand.”

8. Back to Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s school

“The school was closed for so long.”

9. Ruth Donnelly’s first day of school

“I don’t know if I will like the children …”

10. Introduction of a new ME! by Kalli Dakos

“This year there is a new ME …”

11. Two days to go to Leslie Kimmelman’s school

“I’m finally going to school this year …”

12. Back to Rachel K’s school

“Pencils, glue, paper and books.”

13. I like Lenore Hetrick’s school

“I like to hear the school bell ring …”

The best school poems for middle and high school

14. Information from David Ignatow

“I did something on my own that wasn’t dependent on others …”

15th Fortress Night by Lisa Olstein

“Is this a dream of unfulfilled potential, of untapped opportunity?”

16. Krystyna Dąbrowska’s confession

“In the changing room the girls jostle in rows, washed over by basketball or dodgeball.”

17. Subject for English B by Langston Hughes

“The teacher said, go home and write a page tonight.”

18. Sick of Shel Silverstein

“I can’t go to school today …”

19. Girl Sleuth by Brenda Hillman

“Where has summer gone, autumn – are they missing too?”

20. The World Book by Patricia Hooper

“… and we sat at the table and leafed through silk and ships, saints and subtraction.”

21. When in doubt and bad reviews from Naomi Shihab Nye

“Don’t give him your notebook.”

22nd art class from James Galvin

“Let’s start with a simple line …”

23. Large windows of Thomas Lux’s elementary school

“They were great for letting out the germs.”

24. Thomas Hardy’s high school lawn

“A bell: they flee.”

25. A Bill Knott Teacher’s Dream

“Are you mocking me? Forever?”

26. Why Latin Should Still Be Taught in High School by Christopher Bursk

“Because one day I got so bored of Lucretius.”

27. Apples by Grace Schulman

“I would risk exile for this bitter fruit, which tastes of earth and song.”

28. In Michael Robins’ class minus one from Bob Hicok

“At the desk where the boy was sitting, he sees the Chicago River.”

29. Calculations by Brenda Cárdenas

“Your daughter doesn’t understand math.”

30. Mother to son of Langston Hughes

“Don’t sit on the steps.”

31. Stanley Kunitz’s test tree

“On my way home from school up Providence Hill tribal mountain …”

32. David Wagoner’s Junior High School Band Concert

“I played cornet, seventh chair …”

33. Sentimental upbringing of Mary Rüfle

“A little girl with a fool’s cap is sitting on a wooden chair in wool stockings by the radiator …”

34. Bags by Michael Torres

“That was 5th grade.”

35th New Year Evening Walk of Sydney Lea

“You shake your head, subtle.”

36. When I heard about Walt Whitman, the learned astronomer

“When I was shown the graphs and graphs to add, divide and measure …”

37. Dreams of Langston Hughes

“Hold on to dreams.”

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