5 Scholar Trauma Assets and Articles for Your Instructor’s Toolbox

Trauma comes in many forms and many of our students live it on a daily basis. In fact, they are currently experiencing a traumatic event and they need our help to manage their response. By building your own knowledge base around trauma, you can better support your students – both virtually and in your classroom. These trauma-related resources and articles from WE teachers will help you develop a trauma-informed practice.

In this first part of a series of three articles, subject matter experts share the first steps any teacher can take to help students deal with trauma.

In this professional learning session for WE teachers, “Creating Diverse, Inclusive and Anti-Racist Classrooms,” Dr. Kia Darling-Hammond discussing trauma in the classroom and the importance of talking about race and raising awareness of racism in the classroom.

At the WE Virtual Learning Center, you would like to download this module to learn the information, tools, and resources you need to create a trauma-informed classroom. For a deeper insight into trauma, you can access the following modules:

  • Mental wellbeing.
  • Anti-racism.
  • Bullying.
  • Diversity & inclusion.
  • Pandemic community.
  • Poverty.
  • Youth violence.

This article looks at the types of trauma students experience, the science of how trauma affects a student’s brain, and the warning signs to look for.

When students have experienced trauma, learning can be a struggle. This article explains how teachers can help, starting with understanding where students are from.

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