50 science poems for college kids of all ages

What do you get when you combine the concrete concepts of science with the literary fluidity of poetry? Something amazing to share with your students! Encourage kids to see STEM through a whole new lens with these academic poems for students of all ages!

Best science poems for elementary school students

1. Science by Martin Dejnicki

“Everything works because of science.”

2. Butterfly poem by Mr. R

“Two blue wings flapped in front of my eye …”

3. Science is like writing by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

“The sun made a rainbow on my book.”

4. Milkweed by Roberta Gibson

“Gently touch a milkweed beetle …”

5. My frog recycles all of his Kenn Nesbitt trash

“He eats organic food.”

6. Earthworm poem by Mr. R

“This poem is slimy …”

7. Science homework from Kenn Nesbitt

“I hope you believe me because I wouldn’t lie.”

8. Why from Celia Berrell

“It’s in our nature to want to know why.”

9. When is a fruit a fruit? by Toni Newell

“Did you know that cucumbers and tomatoes are one fruit?”

10. Buoyancy by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

“Is it sinking? Does it swim? “

11. Celery by Barbara Smith

“Emerald-pale stems …”

12. Carotene Carrot by Jeanie Axton

“It looked up at me and said ‘Please wait’.”

13. Magnetism by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

“Opposites attract.”

14. The turbulent sea of ​​Madonna George

“… shake the corals and shells in shock.”

15. Digestive system poem by Mr. R

“The abdominal muscles are trembling …”

16. I have an amoeba from Kenn Nesbitt

“Today is his birthday. I haven’t forgotten it.”

17. Creepy Shadows by Celia Berrell

“When the lights are dimmed, the shapes look strange.”

Best Science Poems for Middle and High School Students

18. My Einsteinicity from Lynne Thompson

“Be equal to any number of fathers.”

19. At the age of 28, the Chilean astronomer Maritza Soto had already discovered three planets by Vincent Toro

“Illuminated by the glow of the multiverse that swirls over the La Silla observatory …”

20. So they say – they finally nailed – the size of the proton – & hope – dies – by Rosebud Ben-Oni

“But not love, Menelle Sebastien.”

21. On the Religion of Nature by Philip Freneau

“The power that gives with a liberal hand …”

22. Unruly by Jari Bradley

“Whispered whispers in a secret room.”

23. Singularity by Marie Howe

“Do you sometimes want to wake up to the singularity that we once were?”

24. Presto! How the universe is created by Stephanie Strickland

“On your mark, a first original form …”

25. Einstein defines the special relativity of A. Van Jordan

“INSERT SHOT: Einstein’s notebook 1905 – DAY 1 …”

26. Triple Moments of Light and Industry by Brenda Hillman

“During our protest at the refineries …”

27. Samiya Bashir’s Second Law

“Who was warned about these things …”

28. Apologies to Lory Bedikian’s body

“Sorry for the mercury that’s strewn in fish veins …”

29. The sciences sing a lullaby by Albert Goldbarth

“Physics says: go to sleep. Of course you are tired. “

30. Of the threads that connect the stars by Martín Espada

“Have you ever seen stars?”

31. Annus Mirabilis by Sally Ball

“In retrospect there is no choice: in math …”

32. Blur by HL Hix

“It turns out that many lines that I used to think were sharp turn out to be blurry.”

33. Negotiations with a volcano by Naomi Shihab Nye

“We’ll call you” Agua “like the rivers and cool jugs.”

34. On the science of Edgar Allan Poe

“Science! You are the true daughter of the old days!”

35. We know that the atom consists mainly of empty space by Art Zilleruelo

“But if the knife penetrates the trout …”

36. The Law of the Apple by Edwin Torres

“We convince ourselves of what we need …”

37. Not nothing from Kimiko Hahn

“A card on fabric. A ground wire. Electricity at the highest level. “

38. Steam by Sara Eliza Johnson

“When it happens, the rain is not black, but powder.”

39. Philip Larkin’s Koan by Paisley Rekdal

“In the perfect universe of mathematics it is called the eternal aberration of the world.”

40. An imagination by Rae Armantrout

“Local anchors list the routes …”

41. Dark Matter and Dark Energy by Alicia Ostriker

“My husband says dark matter is reality …”

42. Panoramic view of Shanna Compton

“Last week, Mars suddenly came a lot closer.”

43. Textbook & Absence (Anatomy) by Catherine Barnett

“At school he studies the human body …”

44. Lawsuit against the Makaris by William Dunbar

“I that was in hell and joy …”

45. Shipping planet by Adrian Matejka

“In 1981 the spacious face of Eris had not yet been discovered.”

46. ​​The terrible voice of science by Vachel Lindsay

“There is machinery in the butterfly …”

47. NINE, 40 by Anne Tardos

“Take a good look, she says to her inventory.”

48. Barry Ballard’s first probe

“When the earth is tempered, compressed and cooled …”

49th Anthropocene by Nomi Stone

“The turtle seems to cry when it builds its nest, even though it only secretes its salt.”

50. When I heard about Walt Whitman, the learned astronomer

“When the evidence, the numbers, were arranged in columns in front of me …”

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