Academics share how they knew that they had discovered their “without end” college

We recently posted this question on our WeAreTeacher Facebook page: “If you are one of those lucky teachers who found your school forever, then how do you know? What were the signs? “

Well, our teacher friends responded with enthusiasm! From great administrators and supportive teams to a sense of community and priority for kids, the signs were clear. Here are some signs that you have found your school forever.

You can tell that you have found your school forever.

I came to my interview and it felt like I was coming home. Everything just clicked. It felt like I was part of the family from the moment I walked in the door. I can be myself and I am treated like a professional who knows my job and is valued for it. – Lynn R.

You know it’s your school forever when you feel valued. You can walk the hallways with your head held high and feel safe. – Cindy M.

I feel like I am valued, appreciated and loved by teachers, parents, students and administrators because I am simply myself. I try very hard every day to be the best version of myself for all of them. But the fact that it’s good for me to just be there makes it for me. – Amy R.

I knew that I could trust people and felt accepted and valued. -Beth B.

I feel a part of it. I am treated like a professional and I feel valuable to the school. And I get my spark and passion back. Verily, I haven’t felt this good teaching for a very long time! -Aimee R.

The positive vibes attracted me.

The positive culture and the climate really appealed to me. The staff and lecturers like to be there and have fun with the students. When I saw how much fun they were having, I knew I wanted to be part of this school. – Shana M.

When people laugh a lot! It’s also special when you can see and hear the ocean from your classroom and playground. – Hollie R.

I could be myself I enjoyed my work. My hard work was appreciated. It felt like family. – Karen A.

My teammates and I often say “Love ya!” when we go at the end of the day and we’re serious. We all returned personally after COVID, even without a vaccine being known, because although we were afraid we refused to leave the others alone. – Maggie S.

Amazing administrators make a huge difference.

I really believe the admin makes or breaks your teaching experience. I have been very fortunate to always have leaders who believe in me and remind me that family and health are paramount. They know that excellence does not come from guilt, shame, or fear. – Carlee E.

The administration goes to great lengths to create a wonderful school atmosphere that is just FUN! After the winter break, it’s so far to the end. My director arranged food trucks and drinks carts and games for the faculty. – Michelle S.

Employees come and go, but the trust and respect that the administration shows us is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. – Johann C.

It is important to have great guidance and to feel supported. I love my headmaster. – Becca C.

I have a great headmaster who encourages me to think outside the box and colleagues who are passionate about their jobs! – David A.

When you find an authentic sense of community, you don’t want to be anywhere else.

During my first interview, I liked the warmth and authenticity of the teachers. The campus was so welcoming that the administration trusted the teachers as professionals to do their jobs well (including creating their own curriculum) and you could just feel the sense of community that poured out of everything. -Tessa S.

I drive an hour to work and when everyone asks why I always say, “I LOVE the people I work with and the school community.” It’s worth it if you love it! -Krysta T.

You’ll have found your school forever when the community hugs you. Parents praise you and want their children in your classroom. – Shelly C.

I wake up every morning and look forward to going to work; it just doesn’t feel like work – it’s about the people in this village! – Jo E.

What is most important to me are the children, and in my school the children come first.

I knew when ALL the staff, top down, put kids first. Everything we do happens through the lens of: is it best for children? And our admin also looks through the lens: is it best for my employees? Children, then employees, then everyone else. – Maria T.

I knew that the headmaster, teachers, secretary, supervisor, and everyone else involved in the daily activities were a team that worked together to achieve the best for the children. And I knew I wanted to be part of that team. – Maria F.

The moment when I realized that the teachers were doing what was best for the children, no matter how much extra work it was. Also when I realized that everyone believed that all students were their students, not just those in their classrooms. – Lisa M.

When I found a place where children and relationships were put above all else. – Karl M.

Being part of a support team is the only way to get this job done.

When I realized that for budget reasons I would rather accept a cut in salary so that I could return to school. I felt supported by my colleagues there. Big teams are hard to come by. -Jaime A.

From the first day I walked in, I felt comfortable. Everyone is so nice, approachable, supportive and ready to help anyone. They are really there for the children and there are no idlers. Everyone is super hardworking. It’s just the best place; I love it. – Lisa P.

The administration is not only committed to the students and parents, but also to the staff! We all. We feel valued and heard every day. We may not always agree on every decision, but we respect and love each other like family. It’s been 15 years and even on the tough days – especially the tough days – my work family was worth it! – Elina F.

My teaching partner is like my best friend and we work incredibly well together! – Sara A.

My eternal school feels like family.

The staff felt like a second family. Everyone was rooted for one another and was authentic. I enjoyed my job, my students, my bosses, and my faculty. I loved it so much that I commuted and it wasn’t a big deal. The majority of the parents were also enthusiastic. – Nicole P.

Everyone is so ready to help wherever they are needed. I feel like I’ve made lifelong friends here who feel like family. – Heath L.

It is my home and the teachers, administration, staff and our students have become my family. We are always there for one another, in good times and in bad times. I’ve always felt supported and valued. – Elisabeth K.

The staff was and is like family. All grade levels know each other and work together. I’ve been in the same school since my first year. I’m ending the year 23rd – Kathy R.

It was the feeling of acceptance and appreciation that I got from the employees, the administration and the families. It just felt like home, full of support, sharing and positivity. -Nikki M.

My colleagues have stood by my side in good times and bad.

When most of the staff including the caretaker drove two hours to get to my wedding. Family – love them! – Cindy C.

I was hired just before my grandma passed away on August 1, 2019. One day I went to school to build up more and there were condolence cards and a gift from some teachers. I hadn’t even met one of the teachers! I sat at my desk and cried. That’s when I knew I was where I should be. – Barbara A.

I knew I was in the right place when I was diagnosed with cancer and the powers that changed my schedule to suit my treatment. Others checked me out to make sure I was okay, and students were aware of my situation. That would never have happened in previous schools I attended. – Brigitte B.

How did you know you found your eternal school? Share in the comments below. Also, watch how teachers share what they’re holding in the classroom.

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