Andrew Dessler’s self-citing consensus – agree with that?

Andrew Dessler with a deer-in-headlights look when he spotted Anthony Watts at AGU in 2018.

I don’t have a huge social media presence. Never have I ever filled out my Twitter profile. One of the people I occasionally try to hire is journalist and writer Andrew Revkin @Revkin.

I think Andrew is honest and tries to be objective but is trapped in a cognitive bubble and cannot even imagine the flaws in credibility in the ideologically compromised institutions that he blindly trusts. He is unable to perceive the real epistemological crisis. I wasn’t particularly effective in reaching out to him as I tend to be mosquesque ala metaphor and harshness.

We recently had this exchange.

I started reaching out to Andrew with a cartoon from @CrustaceanSngls.

Andrew’s response has been very encouraging. I hoped he would connect the dots.

Then the activist mini-man, Andrew Dessler, stormed onto the stage. He very hypocritically screwed up this heretical questioning of expertise.

I don’t think Andrew expected such an answer.

Another Twitter user stepped in.

Andy Dessler’s Bloopers

There are many embarrassments from Andrew Dessler at the link above.

Andrew replied as I did, but I didn’t want a long thread. I generally don’t.

To sum it up, Dessler made a prediction in 1995. In 2011 the weather briefly agreed with his forecast. In my opinion he did a premature end zone dance and felt right on top of the world. Over the past decade, in my opinion, when nature suggests, leans, and proves its predictions to be stupid, he probably gets more and more bitter.

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