arrange and share an Amazon Classroom wishlist

Class teachers spend an insane amount of money every year buying class materials. Additionally, many of us, including myself, have turned to Amazon for classroom materials because it’s so easy. If you are tired of spending your own money improving your classroom and curriculum, I highly recommend checking out the Amazon wishlist feature. This is fast becoming a turning point for teachers around the world! I have already bought several items from my own list from my parents. (Not a fan of Amazon? Lots of other sites have wishlists and registers. Look at Target, Oriental Trading, or even GiftYou.)

Create your wish list

You can easily create a wish list by going to the Accounts & Lists tab in the right corner of the website. From there, click Create List to set up a new list specifically for your classroom. Once your list is created, go to the three dots on the right to manage your list. This is where you can customize your list settings, including changing the mailing address to match your school so you don’t have to lug the items with you from home!

Adding items to your wishlist

Now is the time to shop virtually. When browsing Amazon, simply add items to your list by clicking the Add to List drop-down menu located at the bottom of the right sidebar under the Buy Now buttons. So fun and easy!

Not sure what to add? Think carpet stains, classroom doorbells, dry-erase lapboards, a three-tier trolley, sharpies, and flair pens! You can find more great ideas in our school supplies center.

Share your Amazon Classroom wishlist

Once you’ve created your list, you can share it with your network by either clicking the “Invite” button in the top left or the “Send list to others” link in the top right. You can send the list directly to email addresses or copy the link and paste it anywhere. Note: Some teachers are not allowed to ask students’ families to add to their lists, but you can share it in person with your family and friends if they are willing to help.

When you share, the list changes from private to shared so only those with the link can see it. If you make the list public, anyone can donate to your classroom regardless of whether or not you sent the link. This is entirely up to you, depending on your level of comfort. Regardless of this, it is up to the gift fairy to write her name on the packing slip or to keep the donation anonymous.

Where can you share? View Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even email. We offer this free image for use. Just download it and share it with your personalized link.

Amazon clears the list for teachers

Amazon is currently running its Back to School Clear the List campaign to help teachers across the country fulfill their Amazon Classroom Wish List. To participate, your list must be public. Once that’s set up, share your Amazon Classroom wishlist on social media and tag @amazon with #ClearTheList. This is another great way to solicit donations while drawing attention to the shortage of school supplies that districts are making available to teachers. Think of it as a random act of kindness. A win-win situation for everyone!

Not sure what to post on Twitter? Don’t you just want to ask for help? Here are some real teacher posts that might inspire you:

@MrsOTeachesK posted a thank you for a donation and added the hashtag. “Thank you R. Anderson for these wonderful, colorful baskets! They were needed for my additional students and the morning STEM activities. Your support is very much appreciated! #clearthelist ”

@NitaLiveLoveLaf sent a request for a specific product. “First day of school and my voice is already gone! This is my top priority now! I would love everyone #clearthelist Magic to get that for my kindergarten classroom! “

@ 262Peterson shared a photo of his classroom along with his link and hashtag. “My class library is a work of love! I tell my students that you can NEVER have too many books! #clearthelist ”

And here is a free image to download and use:

Will you be creating and sharing a wishlist this year? Share in the comments below!

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