At these areas, tenants will likely be protected against eviction past June

Ronel Remy, a City Life / Vida Urbana organizer, speaks during a “rally to stop evictions and foreclosures” at the Boston Common Fountain in Boston on October 11, 2020.

Matthew J. Lee | Boston Globe | Getty Images

Another way tenants can be protected from eviction is if they have applied for or received rental subsidies from the $ 45 billion fund provided by Congress in the last two major stimulus laws.

According to Andrew Aurand, vice president of research at the National Coalition on Low Income Housing. Ask about your rights of any program from which you have received rental assistance.

Minnesota lawmakers just passed an agreement banning eviction for tenants who are applying for rent allowance. This protection is valid for 12 months until June 2022.

Nevada renters also cannot be ousted if their rental grant application is pending or their landlord refuses to accept the grant.

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