Authorities automobiles ought to be electrical – watts with that?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h / t Breitbart; Libertarians are happy! Thanks to President Biden’s recent climate brainstorming, the US federal government will only function within 200 miles of the nearest operational EV charging station and only if a fully charged EV is available in the car pool.

Biden from the White House;

Use the federal government’s footprint and purchasing power to lead by example

  • In line with the objectives of the President’s Better Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan, of which the central pillar is his Clean Energy Plan, The ordinance instructs federal agencies to procure carbon-free electricity and clean, emission-free vehicles create well-paid union jobs and promote clean energy.
  • Additionally, the order requires that these purchases be made in America as per the appointment of President Biden Buy American Executive. The ordinance also instructs agencies to apply and strictly enforce the applicable Davis Bacon and other law pay and performance guidelines and to promote project work arrangements. These measures reaffirm that agencies should work to ensure that all jobs created by means of climate crisis management are good jobs with a choice to join a union.
  • The ordinance instructs every federal agency to develop a plan to increase the resilience of their facilities and operations to the effects of climate change, and instructs the competent authorities to report on ways to expand and improve the possibilities of climate forecasting for public access to facilitate climate-related information to assist governments, communities and businesses in preparing for and adapting to the effects of climate change.
  • The ordinance instructs the Home Secretary to suspend as much as possible the conclusion of new oil and gas leases on public land or offshore waters and to start a rigorous review of all existing leasing and licensing practices related to fossil fuel development on public land and Waters and identify steps that can be taken to double the generation of renewable energy from offshore wind by 2030. The ordinance does not limit energy activities in areas that the United States entrusts to the tribes. The Secretary of the Interior will continue to consult with the tribes on the development and management of renewable and conventional energy resources in accordance with the trust responsibility of the US government.
  • The ordinance instructs federal agencies to remove fossil fuel subsidies in line with applicable law and identify new opportunities to drive innovation, commercialization and the deployment of clean energy technologies and infrastructures.

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Of course, it may take some time for the state vehicle fleet to be fully replaced, and I suspect government employees working in remote areas will try to hold onto their gasoline and diesel vehicles, causing the process of federal withdrawal from regions without Power supply can take a long time.

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