Berlin’s March 26 local weather referendum… Berlin leaders may have direct dictatorial powers

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By P Gosselin on March 12, 2023

The road to tyranny begins in Berlin when the climate is declared a state of emergency

A new, radical climate amendment, which will be voted on in a referendum on March 26, could turn Berlin’s climate targets into enforceable commitments and thus pave the way for radical CO2 reduction measures by an unelected council.

Draft amendment: climate neutrality as early as 2030 instead of 2045!

If Berliners think protesters obstructing traffic by sticking themselves to the street are a nuisance, just wait, which could be the case after March 26 when Berliners vote on the climate referendum.

If the climate referendum is successful, a radical change to the current climate protection and energy transition law will be decided. The German internet has only an internal paper and reports an “enabling clause” in the proposed law change.

The aim of the referendum is to change the existing Climate Protection and Energy Transition Act (EWG Bln) in order to force the city of Berlin to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 instead of 2045.

The vote is binding, meaning if the referendum is successful, the change will go into effect. The change is being driven by the Green Party and radical groups like Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion.

Targets would become legal obligations

The amendment would be so radical that even Berlin SPD socialists consider it dangerous and speak of an “enabling paragraph” in the law that would transfer immense power to a small group of unelected people, namely a climate protection council set up by the Berlin Senate.

Regarding paragraph 6 of the new amendment “Immediate program in the event of non-compliance with obligations”, the SPD expressly warns that climate targets have been converted into “obligations”, which would mean that the Berlin Senate would probably have to implement radical measures to enforce the obligations immediately, including through judicial means Decision.

Paragraph 14 provides for a “Climate Protection Council” that monitors compliance. It would be appointed by the Berlin Senate and not staffed by democratically elected officials.

Farewell to the car in Berlin?

“There is a risk that excessive use will be made of the democratically illegitimate option of immediate measures,” warns Pleitticker. “Should the climate referendum be implemented successfully, it will not only be expensive for Berliners, but there will be many more restrictions on freedom than under the previous socialist-green Senate – Berliners may then have to get out of their cars completely say goodbye. ”

Reduce flights at Berlin BER Airport?

According to paragraph 3 “Climate protection obligations”, the CO2 reduction should be 70 percent by 2025 and 95 percent by 2030 compared to 1990! “The previous regulation was changed in such a way that the deadlines are dramatically reduced”,

According to sentence 2, Berlin Airport would also be part of the climate budget. Pleitticker warns: “So there is a risk that an immediate measure to reduce emissions could be to reduce the number of flights.”

Property owners would be forced to undertake major renovations

The amendment also calls for the mandatory energy renovation of all public buildings by 2030 and the entire state administration would have to be CO2-neutral by 2030.

“Where the money is supposed to come from remains a mystery once again,” comments Pleiticker.

Section 19 “Use of Renewable Energy” could also mean the mandatory installation of solar panels for all homeowners. Again, no one knows how all this would be paid for. Owning a home and land would certainly become unaffordable for many private owners.

Viewed from another angle, Berlin could serve as a pilot that would in all likelihood debunk the sheer madness of fast-paced carbon neutrality once and for all. Perhaps a “successful” referendum would be a good lesson for the rest of the world.


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