Can we make flying inexperienced?

from an ABC report.
“On the day of ABC News’ visit, Alice’s batteries had just arrived and engineers in protective mat-like suits were working to attach the giant batteries to the left and right sides of the plane. The batteries make up 50% of the takeoff weight and form the fuselage of the aircraft near the wing mounts.”

“Although 440 miles is not a long-haul aircraft, it meets the needs of many regional airlines around the world. Charging the plane is similar to charging a Tesla. As passengers board, the plane plugs in and can complete most of the flight on just 30 minutes of charging.”

“The aircraft’s maiden flight took place on September 27 at Grant County International Airport (KMWH) in Moses Lake, Washington. Alice took off at approximately 7:10 a.m. PST and flew at an altitude of approximately 3,500 feet for approximately 9 minutes and 3 seconds.”

Why only 9 minutes and only 3500 feet?

Batteries = 50% of weight.
9 passengers and 2 pilots.

scale this to 100 passengers, baggage and cocktails and report to me.

I would like the data collected during this flight.

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