China claims international local weather management, criticizes US Republicans for incapacity – with that?

Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

The Global Times, a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, has criticized US Republicans for obstructing President Biden’s support for Chinese climate leadership.

China becomes a leader in the global war on climate change

From Wen Sheng Published: 07/25/2021 3:24 PM

China last week unveiled a maglev transport system that can support train routes at speeds of 600 kilometers per hour, the fastest ground vehicle in the world to date. Using electromagnetic force, the country’s self-developed magnetic levitation train could shorten the journey between Beijing and Shanghai to just 2 hours.

The system is part of a major technological and engineering breakthrough that, along with China’s 40,000-kilometer high-speed trains traversing the country, will significantly reduce air flights and long-distance car journeys – dramatically reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. important goals in the fight against climate change.

It is time for all nations on this globe to make a serious concerted effort to tackle the worsening climate catastrophe. The world has done little in the last four years of former US President Donald Trump, whose administration disproves the Earth’s atmospheric change as a conspiracy, even though storms inflict an estimated $ 100 billion economic damage on the US each year. Trump was more interested in waging trade and technology wars than waging a war to alleviate the world’s climate crisis.

The current Biden administration has vowed to do more than Trump, but its climate and spending agenda is being hampered by Republicans in Congress. After two months of debate and filibuster, it remains uncertain whether his much-heralded $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure and climate legislation could win legislative support.

In summary, China is a world leader in the fight against the global climate crisis, which poses an increasing and imminent threat to the earth’s atmospheric security, biodiversity and the survival of humanity. The world should take bolder steps to stop a continual deterioration in climate change while dragging its feet will only cause more atmospheric ruins and human deaths.

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Why the sudden Chinese interest in climate change?

China has suffered severe flooding for two consecutive years, so leadership could move from arresting climate protesters to viewing climate change as a convenient cover for their shabby dam construction and failed promises that all of those expensive dams would help control floods. For example, the following is a video of the disaster currently afflicting eastern China, a continuation of the ongoing flood disaster in central China.

The advantage to the CCP, which blames US Republicans for China’s problems, is the people in China, and some people in the US might actually believe them; If the mainstream US media sided with China on this issue, it could add to the CCP’s increasingly weak credibility.


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