Declare: A majority of voters imagine local weather change is a false faith

Essay by Eric Worrall

Claim: A majority of voters believe climate change is a false religion

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Eric Worral

Essay by Eric Worrall

“… the climate religion actually has nothing to do with the climate. It’s about power, control, dominance and apologizing for America’s own success. …”

Is climate change a false religion?

Tuesday March 14, 2023

A majority of voters agree with a Republican presidential candidate’s critique of climate change as a “religion” that isn’t about climate at all.

A new nationwide phone and online poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 60% of likely US voters — including 47% of those who strongly agree — agree with Vivek Ramasamy’s recent statement that climate change has become a religion that “actually… nothing to do with climate”. It’s really about power and control. Thirty-five percent (35%) disagree with Ramaswamy’s statement, including 25% who totally disagree. (To see the text of the survey questions, click here.)

79% of Republicans, 45% of Democrats and 60% of non-major party voters agree, at least in part, with Ramaswamy’s description of climate change as a religion.

Twenty-one percent (21%) of voters believe the climate change issue is getting better, up from 18% in May 2022. LINK TO CLIMATE CHANGE: Democrats More Concerned Than Other Voters Thirty-two percent (32%) now say climate change is getting worse, up from 38% last May. Forty-two percent (42%) believe the climate change problem will remain about the same.

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The Fox News interview that triggered this poll (note the link in the article above is incorrect):

Vivek Ramaswamy Reveals Climate Religion’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’: ‘All About Power, Control’

Climate religion is binding US, says GOP presidential candidate

By Fox News staff | FoxNews

Strive Asset Management co-founder and executive chairman Vivek Ramaswamy, who announced his candidacy as the 2024 GOP presidential nominee, discussed on Sunday Morning Futures how the climate religion is crippling America and why it needs to be abandoned.

MARIA BARTIROMO: … The main priority of the Biden administration is the climate change agenda. This is a whole-of-government approach and it has had implications for national security in being independent of oil and energy.

VIVEK RAMASWAMY: … I mean, you’re contemplating actually handing over $40 billion to Ukraine with one hand, while at the same time Biden keeps the EU from its Russian ban on oil imports. The reason is because we’ve shot our own fossil fuel industry in the foot, and it’s because of that climate religion, but dirty little secret, Maria [Bartiromo]that many people don’t know that the climate religion actually has nothing to do with the climate. It’s about power, control, dominance and apologizing for America’s own success. … What they really want is to punish America and establish this agenda of global justice that also allows China to catch up with us …

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A word of caution. This is a single data point, an apparently significant departure from other polls claiming a majority are concerned about climate change.

But maybe the tide is turning.

Things have gone wrong for wind and solar fanatics lately. Biden, arguably the president with the greatest record of subsidizing unreliable wind and solar power in American history, had his chance to bring down energy prices with his solar panels and wind turbines. Instead, he provided the spectacle of the US Secretary of State crawling to the Saudis begging for access to their oil, oil that could have been supplied by the Keystone pipeline and other petroleum projects that the Biden administration has sabotaged.

In the UK and Germany – energy prices. Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany has implausibly promised an energy miracle, but Britain and Europe have long awaited the promised reward for all the hardship they have endured and the trillions of pounds and euros they have spent over the past few decades.

The measures Britain and Germany have taken to avert disaster amid the disruption to Russia’s gas supply and the complete failure of the climate alarmist’s energy programs are beyond embarrassing. Germany is bulldozing villages, ancient forests and even a wind farm to dig up coal to avoid further deindustrialization caused by their insane reliance on wind and sun. Great Britain postponed the shutdown of its ailing coal-fired power plants. Just as well, Britain needed those coal plants again just last week.

In Australia, Prime Minister Albanese, who won by promising a significant drop in energy prices, well that promise is looking pretty shaky now. Household energy prices are projected to increase by 20%, 30% next year? Who knows. What we do know is that it’s going to be a lot — and the dirt cheap coal power that’s driving prices down is set to shut down.

As the promises of the climate religion dwindle and climate concerns falter amid mortgage stress and rising energy bills, this Rasmussen poll may be what it seems – an early sign of a sea change in public opinion on climate change and mitigation.


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