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Finding PPE that is functional, comfortable, and doesn’t significantly muffle your teacher voice is no easy task, but don’t worry! We’ve taken the time to scour online retailers and reviews in order to find the best face masks for teachers, so you don’t have to. If you’re wearing a mask this year, any of these 20 will be a solid option.

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1. Teacher-Themed Masks

These masks are adorable, but more importantly, they’re breathable with highly filtered fabric.

Buy it: Teacher-Themed Masks/Amazon

2. Personalized Face Mask

This mask doesn’t cost extra to personalize and also comes with two free filters! Double win. As far as face masks for teachers go, this is a great option.

Buy it: Personalized Face Mask/Etsy

3. Gildan Reusable 3-Layer Cotton Face Masks

Gildan makes a really comfortable t-shirt and a great mask, too! Even better, these masks come in either 24 or 48 packs, so you’ll be pretty well stocked!

Buy it: Gildan Reusable Cotton Masks/Amazon

4. Disposable Face Masks

Disposable masks are extremely lightweight and likely the best option to go underneath a face shield if you opt to wear one. However, re-wearing these often isn’t advisable, so large packs like this work well.

Buy it: Disposable Face Masks/Amazon

5. Adult Fabric Face Mask

This 2-pack is lightweight, affordable, and made out of very soft material. Although the L/XL is quite large, the adult S/M size seems to be a good fit for most people (based on reviews).

Buy it: Adult Fabric Face Masks/Target

6. Levi’s Reversible Face Mask

These masks are especially cool because of the way they tie! Only the bottom string ties (the top band just goes around your head). This makes the ties super easy to adjust.

Buy it: Levi’s Reversible Mask/Amazon

7. Clear Window Face Mask

This face mask has an anti-fog window that would be particularly helpful for speech therapists, teachers with hearing-impaired students, or those that just want to be able to smile at students! Reviews say that wiping the window with shaving cream also helps prevent the mask from fogging up!

Buy it: Clear Window Face Mask/Etsy

8. Chalkboard Teacher Mask

Especially for K-2nd grade teachers, this mask is cute, functional, and educational! There are a number of options you can choose from when purchasing (wire ear loops, ribbons, nosepiece, etc.), which makes it easy to ensure this mask will work for you.

Buy it: Chalkboard Teacher Mask/Etsy

9. School Logo Face Mask

Customize this face mask with your school’s logo or purchase a plain one! It’s also super lightweight, has adjustable ear straps, and contains a pocket for a filter insert.

Buy it: School Logo Face Mask/Etsy

10. Avocado Organic Cotton Masks

Avocado (a mattress company) is one of the only companies out there producing organic cotton masks that are officially certified. The dual ties make the face mask extremely secure, and they are filter-ready if you prefer to insert one. Overall, these are a solid option!

Buy it: Avocado Organic Masks/Avocado Mattress

11. Silk Face Mask

If you struggle with irritation or breakouts, a silk mask is the way to go. The hypoallergenic material is smooth against your face, and they are machine washable. These are a WeAreTeachers team favorite!

Buy it: Silk Face Mask/Amazon

12. Triple Layer Cloth Masks (5-Pack)

Old Navy comes through yet again with these highly affordable, comfortable, and breathable masks! Find a TON of cute colors and designs to choose from.

Buy it: Triple Layer Cloth Mask/Old Navy

13. KN95 Masks

With the highest filter efficiency, KN95s will keep you protected with 5-ply layers. A pack of 25 gets you ready for in-person instruction.

Buy it: KN95 Masks/Amazon

14. Face Shield

These face shields come in a pack of 10 and are a great additional layer of protection. Wear them in addition to a mask to protect your eyes.

Buy it: Face Shield/Amazon

15. Reusable Teacher Face Mask

This mask is an eye-catching red and has a little teacher design incorporated, which is too cute. It also fits snugly and comfortably and will keep its shape through frequent washing.

Buy it: Reusable Teacher Face Mask/Etsy

16. Vera Bradley Masks

Vera Bradley has some super cute face masks for teachers that can dress up or complement your teacher outfit. Check out the different 3 packs, made of 100% cotton.

Buy it: Vera Bradley Masks/Amazon

17. Men’s Fabric Face Masks

Check out these packs made for men without all of the cute colors and designs.

Buy it: Men’s Fabric Face Masks/Target

18. Safe Mate Mask

This option comes in small-medium and large-extra large sizing, perfect if you prefer a larger mask size. Plus, this strap design relieves tension on your ears.

Buy it: Safe Mate Mask/Target

19. Black Disposable Face Masks

Prefer black disposable face masks? Grab this pack to keep in your classroom.

Buy it: Black Disposable Face Masks/Amazon

20. Book Face Mask

Love books? Pick up this face mask! Check this link for other fun teacher options like teaching tiny humans, art, math pi, science, and more.

Buy it: Book Face Mask/Amazon

21. Hummingbird Mask

Personalize this beautiful design with your name, such as “Mrs. Smith,” to be back to school ready.

Buy it: Hummingbird Mask/Etsy

22. Apple Teacher Mask

A classic teacher apple is so cute. Plus, this mask comes with two filter inserts.

Buy it: Apple Teacher Mask/Etsy

23. I Teach Awesome Kids Mask

Show your students some love with this design!

Buy it: I Teach Awesome Kids Mask/Etsy

24. Personalized Book and Flower Mask

Perfect for a librarian or a teacher who loves books, this design is super popular.

Buy it: Personalized Book and Flower Mask/Etsy

25. Crayon Teacher Mask

Adorable for art or elementary teachers, we love these masks.

Buy it: Crayon Teacher Mask/Etsy

Looking for back-to-school masks for kids? We scoped out the best options.

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