Finest paper trainer planners as really useful by educators

Teacher planners are a hot topic of conversation in the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group. Educators are always on the lookout for the perfect planner to help them keep up with classes, meetings, activities, and maybe even their personal lives. We have summarized the planner-teachers who recommend each other the most. Take a look and find your own new favorite!

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Teachers just love The Happy Planner! They recommend this brand more than anyone else in the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group. Brooke R. enthuses: “I love my Happy Planner! It is great. Lots of space for lesson planning! I bought note sheets and folder inserts so I take them to meetings and use them to take notes, write appointments, and keep any handouts I’ve received!

Check out the many customizable layouts and choose one that suits you. There’s a category for teacher planners only, but check out other options too. Then add stickers, folder pages, and other accessories and keep everything together with binder discs, which come in a variety of colors and sizes. Planner box kits are a cool option – you can find everything you need in one large kit, including themed stickers and accessories.

This brand is another long-running favorite among experienced teachers. Blue Sky makes a variety of planners in different styles. Their teacher planners include monthly calendar pages and weekly pages with plenty of space for writing individual class schedules. You can also find handy teacher reference pages like class birthdays and contact information. Choose between floral, dotted or plain black covers. You might also like Blue Sky’s Academic Year Planner, which is designed for teachers and students.

When Plum Paper talks about “personalized” teacher planners, they really mean business. First narrow down your selection by class level (Pre-K, Elementary or Middle / High). Then choose from multiple sizes and layouts, as well as dozen of customizable cover designs. Customize your planner further with pre-printed pages with topics, times, and other details. You can also find a wide variety of accessories and add-ons. If you are looking for a planner who meets your high demands, Plum Paper is the right choice.

If you are looking for a high quality basic planner, Elan is one of our preferred options. Elan recognizes that some teachers prefer planners with the days listed above horizontally while others prefer the days listed below. They also offer 6-, 7-, and 8-hour versions so you have the space you need no matter how many classes you teach each day. There’s even an oversized option with fold-out sides for those who need more space to squeeze everything in. Here are some versions to consider:

These undated planners cover an academic year and give you plenty of space for lesson plans, scheduling, and more. The colorful envelope (four options available) is protected by a frosted plastic overlay and the spiral binding allows the planner to lie flat for easy use. Additional pages contain gradebook spreads, sub-info, contacts, and even excursion planners!

Planning can be stressful, so we love this planner, which includes coloring pages and frames perfect for mindful relaxation. The planning pages are extensive, with monthly and weekly spreads. Other welcome additions are a folder page and space for notes, holidays and birthdays.

Love stickers? This is your planner! You get 300+ stickers to really personalize this planner and make it your own. It includes monthly spreads for the academic year and 40 weekly spreads for lesson planning.

If you don’t want to spend a lot, Maalbok’s planner is a smart choice. It includes monthly and weekly spreads for a full year (53 weeks). There are pages for special dates and birthdays, weekly activities, and reference information. The spiral binding allows it to be laid flat to make writing easier.

Looking for a bargain planner? This basic option won’t break the bank. You don’t get spiral bounds or a lot of frills, but it covers most of your needs. It has hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon so this is definitely a top choice for teachers.

Pre-K teachers have different planning needs, and this book is for them only. It’s a nice size and has a light-colored cover so it doesn’t get lost in the clutter on your desk. There are additional pages for student details, sub-info, classroom layouts, birthdays and much more.

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