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When it comes to teaching reading comprehension strategies, templates are a teacher’s best friend. That’s why we created these printables, and we’ve designed them so you can use them for just about any type of text (narrative, explanatory, persuasive… you name it!). We also left plenty of space for intermediate students to draw their answers. Also, each printed version provides students with an explanation of the strategy and provides key definitions.

Here’s what’s included in our free reading comprehension strategy pack:

Main idea and details

Show what the main point of the text is by using supporting details.

Compare and contrast

Use the Venn diagram to show how two characters, settings, or situations are alike and different.

story elements

For fictional texts, identify characters, setting, conflict, and resolution.


Recount the events of a text in order.

cause and effect

Search the text for relationships that show what happened and why.

author’s intention

Identify whether the author is attempting to inform, entertain, or persuade the reader using cues from the text.

Author’s point of view

Find out who is telling the story. Is it someone inside the story (first person) or outside the story (third person)?

to draw conclusions

Make assumptions based on clues in the text.

fact and opinion

Take statements from the text and decide if they can be proven or if they are something someone believes or thinks.

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