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If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you probably remember the thrill of reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. The original series sold more than an incredible 250 million copies! Fortunately, these books are still there to share with your students, and not just that; There are a number of new series that follow the same format. Here are some that will delight your students.

The rights to the original series have been swapped back and forth a bit, but if you have a few hundred dollars and have a whole lot of love for the series, you can still buy the Whole Enchilada Collection, which contains the first 40 books by notable authors such as RA Montgomery, Edward Packard, Julius Goodman, Richard Brightfield and more. Best for grades 2-8.

Did you know that Choose Your Own Adventure has a series just for kids in elementary school? The playful stories are less serious and have a softer ending, but still offer readers many adventurous options. Best for grades K-2.

Choose which path Scooby and the gang will take to solve the puzzle in these interactive stories. Track down Bigfoot, solve the mystery of the flying saucer, explore an Aztec tomb and much more! Best for grades 3-6.

If you can’t get enough of Star Wars: Star Wars, choose your own destiny

Go on an adventure with Luke and Leia, Obi-Wan and Anakin, Han and Chewie or Finn and Poe as you choose from over twenty possible outcomes. Best for grades 1-3.

For little kids who love to snuggle up on their laps: You Choose series

This collection of stories is perfect for reading with young children. Each page asks a question and offers a number of whimsical illustrated choices for you to choose from and talk about. Preferably at the age of 2-6 years.

If you like to play detective: case closed

This middle school series has students follow the main character Carlos and his friends Eliza and Frank as they compose clues to save his mother’s detective agency. Best for grades 3-5.

If you have students who dream of going to the big city, this is the series for them! Available on Kindle, kids will love creating their itinerary as they choose where to go next at the bottom of each page. A great way to travel from the comfort of your own desk. Best for grades 3-6.

This series of middle-class books offers author RL Stine’s signature thrill and cold … with a twist. Readers can choose their own creepy twists. As the front pages warn: Readers watch out … you choose the horror! Some of the most popular titles include Attack of the Beastly Babysitter, Ship of Ghouls, Zapped in Space, and Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter. Best for grades 4-6.

This new adventure series from Connor Hoover features fast-paced adventures with surprising twists. The humorous stories cover topics from mythology to Minecraft and will captivate even your most reluctant readers. Best for grades 1-6.

Interactive stories that allow the reader to play the role of the main character. Written for middle class readers, these stories take readers on a wild adventure with dinosaurs, wizards, magicians, and mystical portals. Written by a team of talented writers and beautifully illustrated. Best for grades 3-6.

With over 25 possible endings, kids will love these stories that plunge them into the middle of the world of Minecraft as a zombie. Best for grades 3-8.

Whether your students are interested in nature, adventure, or real life stories, they will love putting themselves in the shoes of a survivor. Best for grades 3-6.

Students get a glimpse into life during some of the most notable historical events in human history. As they weigh options and make decisions that will determine the course of the story, they build empathy and understanding for those events. Best for grades 3-6.

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