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Posted by Joe Bastardi | August 20, 2021

The situation with Henri keeps getting worse. I firmly believe that this will be stronger than the National Hurricane Center on land. Her trail has come to ours, and ours will likely move west this afternoon.

Note the SSTs east of the Virginia Capes:

This is as warm as the golf loop current. Tomorrow’s discharge pattern is as textbook-like as it gets, with two nozzles to ventilate.

Keep in mind that unlike other storms in this region, Henri comes to this area to intensify. Most of the storms that hit New England come from their area of ​​highest intensity. As a result, my call intensity has dropped to 960 mb or less at its peak in the late afternoon or evening and a hit at 980 mb or less. The water is relatively warm, even as far as the coast:

Low inflow and high level support up to landing mean that the weakening may be slower and only in proportion to how strong it becomes in the first place.

Note the SSTs when Bob met in 1991:

It was coming out of, not in, its area of ​​maximum drain support, and SSTs were much cooler. This current situation is the opposite:

According to our morning discussion, this is going to be the who’s who of the biggest storms in the field and the new benchmark for some. A shift to the west in my lane (and I hate to do that as we’ve been stronger and further west all along) becomes more likely.

This storm is something my dad talked to me about for years when I was young, the shortcut storm that hit the northeast and moved west from north. There’s nothing that says this can’t happen. After all, Fran moved from west to north to West PA in 1996, this is just relocated to the east. But like the Texas freeze that I wheeled the week before to get the media to quit, the bread and the circus of media and politics ignores a potentially dominating story on Monday morning. And besides, the weather weapons will be in full force when the person revealing this stuff has been talking about it for years, our preseason for 2 and all week for 3. It’s almost like they’re climate robbers, them wait until after and then pounce on the clueless who are almost all since no one is paying attention until it is obvious. Then they turn around and chase the people who watched it screaming that they are denying the climate, if climate and past events are what they are using to remotely build this!

The best thing to do when the mission is like the guardian in the Bible is to try to show everyone who is looking and listening. And understand who doesn’t want this until it can be used for their own purpose.

Henry is weather, not climate, but the time to prepare is NOW.


Joe Bastardi

is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-term forecasting. He is the author of The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore – and Others, which is available for purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate was available here. phonyclimatewar.com

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