How one can Interact College students in Digital Studying: A Printable Guidelines

While many schools will return to in-person learning this year, a number of students say they feel more comfortable and less stressed in virtual classrooms. If your school plans to continue to meet these needs, you may be searching for new ways to provide online students with hands-on learning opportunities. That’s why our friends at Jigsaw Interactive created this free checklist with best practices to engage students in virtual learning.

The checklist provides plenty of helpful tips and ideas to keep your students engaged as you welcome them to class and during classroom instruction. For example, you can kick off class with a funny video or use the student polling feature to gain immediate feedback.

If you’re a school leader, consider sending the checklist to teachers to help them facilitate their virtual lessons. You can also use the list as an informal assessment when observing virtual classrooms.

Just click the button below to get your Engage Students in Virtual Learning checklist. There’s a full-color version you can save to your computer plus a version for easy printing.


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