How This Instructor Began a Take-House Library for Free

Have you ever wished you had the means to send your students home with their own books? Or create a take-home library in your classroom for students to use? This teacher at Carl Traeger Elementary School was able to do just that, thanks to the Casey’s Cash for Classrooms grant! She sent her students home with brand new books over the summer for free!

Summer Take-Home Libraries

Learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school year. Some very lucky students at a school in Wisconsin received brand new books to build their own at-home libraries courtesy of the Casey’s Cash for Classrooms grant. Heather Branson, third grade teacher, said, “After a very challenging school year, being able to send every child home with new books for their home library because of Casey’s grant was a heartwarming experience.” Thanks to Casey’s, not only was every student from Carl Traeger Elementary provided with books for summer reading, they were also given eight or more books to read and share with others at home!

After the difficulties of the past pandemic year, Branson also noted, “There were so many things I couldn’t change about last year, but the ability to send our kids equipped to enjoy new books empowered my students to see themselves as readers.”

Take-home libraries empower students to take reading into their own hands and expand their knowledge outside of the classroom. Check out what other teachers are trying:

Take-Home Library Backpacks

This great take-home library idea will get students turning pages at home with themed backpacks, including different book series. Each backpack includes books, activities, games, and a plush toy for students to enjoy after school. Bags are then returned and distributed to a different student for the whole class to share. Think about how exciting this would be for your students!

Source: @elementarystories

Book Sign Out

Dedicate a shelf in your classroom to books that students are able to sign out and read at home. Students and parents will be excited to have some new reads to explore while you make sure they return to the classroom.

Source: @_missjones

Book Buddy Bags

Book buddy bags keep your classroom books safe on their travels to and from the classroom. Feel good about sending your students home with reads from your take-home library by creating these simple but effective bags.

Source: @creativeteachingpress

Take-Home Library Reading Book Cart

Use a classroom reading cart with a take-home section to let students know which books they can read at home from your library. This teacher even color coded the book spines for an easy grab for students!

Source: @ringmasterylearning

Want to implement something special in your classroom like a take-home library? Apply for the Casey’s Cash for Classrooms Grant that opens in October to make a difference in your school.

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