Humorous faculty memes which might be overly relatable

Schools can be a fun, chaotic, and sometimes daunting place. We’ve all gone through some hilarious times, or maybe some not-so-good moments within these walls. Whether it’s about a classroom experience, recess, textbooks, or even the parking lot, these funny school memes are sure to make you laugh.

1. Ah, the mess after a substitute teacher.

Did you even see the instructions on my desk?

2. But seriously, why is it always so cold?

i need this blanket

3. Everyone. Singles. Time.

We’ve all seen snow before, and no, we’re not giving early release.

4. But at least they’re adorable!

In fact, most days it’s like herding cats.

5. Don’t even get me started on the inside break.

It’s chaos every time.

6. Complete shock.


7. Well, it MUST belong to someone.

No one? Seriously?

8. Nothing fazes me.

chug on.

9. I’m trying to help you here…

What if I say “This is being tested”?

10. Let’s get that energy out!

I’m ready for some sunshine too.

11. The parking lot after school is not to be trusted.

Pure chaos.

12. It makes sense.

More or less than five a day?

13. They always catch you.

Sorry not enough to share.

14. Maybe it’s time for some new books.

The 1990s are calling.

15. Oops.

It happens to the best of us.

16. Expectation vs. Reality.

Maybe one of those years it’ll be halfway decent.

17. The ultimate face palm.


18. Time to gear up.

Nothing can prepare you for what might be in there.

19. Ah, it all makes sense.

Do yourself a favor and mark it on the calendar.

20. Absolutely true.

And it happens every day. lanyard? Check over. Coffee? Check over. Key? Check over. You understand it.

21. Seating plans require a special skill.

So how do I do that?

22. Dead Inside.

You want us to do what?

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