Instructional outside toys for youngsters to be taught and train

We know that learning doesn’t stop after the school day. We also know our way around are so many benefits of taking kids outside. research shows that learning from outside promotes concentration and reduces stress. We’ve put together 25 instructor-approved outdoor educational toys to encourage kids to move around, learn, play, and become curious about what’s going on in their own backyard.

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For children who like to be creative

1. Lawn string art set

This reusable kit contains everything kids need to start designing string art. You can use the lawn stakes to create your own patterns and designs for a one-of-a-kind backyard masterpiece. It comes with 40 yards of rainbow yarn, 25 lawn stakes, a stencil, storage bag, instructions, and a 3 inch heart-shaped pattern.

Buy: Lawn String Art Kit / Amazon

2. Inflatable easel

If you are looking for educational outdoor toys for kids who love to paint, check out this inflatable outdoor easel. Young artists can translate nature on this portable outdoor canvas. It’s a complete set that includes four one-ounce paints, four molded sponges, and a paint brush.

Buy: Outdoor Inflatable Easel / Amazon

3. Flower press

Children can collect flowers and leaves and use this set to create beautiful crafts such as bookmarks, jewelry boxes and cards that preserve the beauty of nature. The kit includes a flower press, glue, brush, double-sided tape, and instructions.

Buy: Pressed Flower Art / Amazon

4. Rock painting kit

Put the children at a table outside. Encourage them to come up with kind messages or share inspirational quotes to paint on the rocks. Then take a walk around the neighborhood and place the rocks where people can see them.

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For kids who love to explore

5. Kidnoculars

These are the only binoculars designed just for kits. Take them to the beach, park or garden so that children can get curious and explore their surroundings.

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6. Child metal detector

Children love a treasure hunt. You can look for coins, paper clips, and other metals. It lights up and beeps when metal objects are detected.

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7. Exterior headlights

We love how this headlamp for kids allows them to safely explore outside at night. It’s perfect for a camping trip.

Buy: Children’s Outdoor Headlamp / Amazon

8. Children’s telescope

It is never too early to introduce children to the scientific method and to become curious about their surroundings. This telescope is specially designed for younger children.

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For kids who love science

9. You keep track of the weather kit

Budding meteorologists can track weather patterns using real scientific instruments. We love that this kit contains everything a child needs to get curious about the weather: 5 experiments and a thermometer, rain gauge, weather vane, compass, anemometer and a glow-in-the-dark speedometer.

Buy: You Track It Weather Kit / Amazon

10. Bug catcher kit

There are sixteen different tools that kids can use to explore all of the bugs they can find in the garden. You can catch butterflies, observe bugs and plants better with a magnifying glass, and much more.

Buy: Bug Catcher Kit / Amazon

11. Garden tools

These tools can be used by children to help pull weeds and water plants in the garden. You can use them for make-believe games too. We love that this kit includes a gardening manual that allows children to learn about the growing environment of different plants.

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For children who love games

12. Outdoor scavenger hunt card game

This card game might not look like much, but trust us – it’s a great way to keep kids of all ages busy and exploring the great outdoors. “If I bring this game out, all the kids on my block will come over to play it,” says WeAreTeachers editor Hannah Hudson.

Buy: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Card Game / Amazon

13. Flickin ‘chicken

This game makes me laugh seriously every time. The best part? It will get kids moving, provide much-needed comedic relief and sometimes I can even convince my teenagers to play this with their younger siblings!

Buy: Flickin ‘Chicken / Amazon

14. Nature bingo

Let your kids go into the garden and see how many of these items they can find. You will likely be surprised how much wildlife there is just steps from home! You can find more ideas for scavenger hunts here.

Buy: Nature Bingo / Amazon

15. Shine in the dark, capture the flag

Capture the Flag is always a fan favorite. This glow-in-the-dark version takes it to a whole different level of fun. The set contains 25 glowing tokens, 12+ hour batteries and 12 different play options.

Buy: Glow In The Dark Capture The Flag / Amazon

16. Chasing fireflies Shine & Seek

In this game of glamor and search, fireflies light up in the dark and kids run around looking for the nearest firefly to add to their team glass. We love how it’s a new take on the classic version of hide and seek.

Buy: Fireflies hunt Shine & Seek / Amazon

17. Jumbo memory game

Looking for educational outdoor toys for kids who love card games? This oversized version of memory is perfect for outdoor games. It contains 24 pairs of cards with real photos of everyday objects.

Buy: Jumbo Memory Game / Hearthsong

18. Giant Kick Croquet Game

This outdoor game for children combines the fun of running and kicking a ball (kickball) with the added attraction of leading it through a wickets course (croquet).

Buy: Giant Kick Croquet Game / Hearthsong

For children who like to move

19. Slacklines

Slacklines (similar to a high rope) can be easily laid between two trees and enjoyed by the whole family! This comes with an additional training line for children, but they must be carefully supervised.

Buy: Slacklines / Amazon

20. Giant bubble kit

What’s better than bubbles? HUGE bubbles. Check out more ideas on how kids can learn with bubbles.

Buy: Giant Bubble Kit / Amazon

21. Easy Flyer Octopus Kit

On windy days, the tentacles of this giant octopus kite really go anywhere – that’s exactly why it’s so fun to fly!

Buy: Easy-Flyer Octopus Kite / Amazon

22. Nature Walk Journal

Use this diary to make walks in the neighborhood or meeting points in the backyard a learning opportunity. It includes tips for identifying clouds, plants, and animals, and areas for sketching and recording observations.

Buy: Nature Walk Journal / Amazon

23. Stomping missile

There’s more to pounding missiles than meets the eye; They are a great way to teach kids about strength, movement, energy, aerodynamics, and more!

Buy: Stomp Rocket / Amazon

24. Stepping Stones obstacle course

This game teaches kids to move and develop their gross motor skills as they move through an obstacle course and jump from stepping stone to stepping stone. This set contains three large stepping stones for turtle shells, three medium-sized stepping stones for turtle shells, 24 activity cards with turtle facts, a colorful spinner, instructions and additional game suggestions.

Buy: Stepping Stones obstacle course / Amazon

25. Tree climbing set

This kit makes tree climbing safer and so much fun for kids. The kit contains 16 climbing holds and eight ratchets.

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