Job Killer Joe’s work group guarantees to interchange the fossil gasoline jobs they “sacrifice” – what is the level?

Job Killer Joe’s work team promises to replace the fossil fuel jobs they “sacrifice” – what’s the point? Jump to content

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Maybe it was a good idea to create those promised new green jobs before the old jobs were destroyed?

Biden Energy nominee Jennifer Granholm: “Clean Energy” Jobs Will Replace Those “That May Be Sacrificed”

Kyle Morris
January 27, 2021

Jennifer Granholm, President Joe Biden’s candidate to head the US Department of Energy, on Wednesday insisted that “clean energy” jobs replace those that “may be sacrificed.”

Granholm’s remarks came during the questioning of Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), who pointed to the significant loss of American jobs due to a long-term ban on the leasing and licensing of oil, gas and coal in states.

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So far, no one has offered to pay the bills or guarantee the mortgages of the union workers whose livelihood Biden has just “sacrificed”.

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