Our hottest back-to-school locations proper now

We scoured the shelves trying to find the best Target back-to-school items for teachers so you don’t have to! Check out our favorites at Target now.

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Colors of the world markers and crayons

We love these colors of the world sets from Crayola. Save markers, crayons, or both so everyone in your classroom feels involved.

Buy: Colors of the World Marker, Colors of the World crayons

Flower planner

Nothing is more enjoyable than a fresh planner. Target has so many planner options and we love this fabulous floral design!

Buy: flower planner

Math toolbox

Save this for your own teacher toolkit or encourage students to keep all math items in one place. The set includes a ruler, protractor, pencil, sharpener and more!

Buy: Math Tool Box

Colorful giant parachute

Parachutes are classic fun (and offer some fun learning opportunities too). Get this one for just $ 10.

Buy: giant parachute

Whiteboard eraser

Never lose your inline eraser with this under $ 2 magnetic version.

Buy: whiteboard eraser

delivery trucks

Great for centers or materials organization, these colorful caddies will keep your classroom together this year.

Buy: storage jar / clear, storage jar / blue, storage jar / pink, storage jar / red, storage jar / green

Gratitude tree

This tree is a fun, hands-on activity that encourages students to be mindful and express gratitude.

Buy: gratitude tree


In this fun, new way of creating bubbles, students dip the supplied glove into the bubbles and wave. How much fun! Try them out for $ 1.99. Also, read our article on bladder research here.

Buy: Glove-A-Bubbles

Reusable zip locks

Great for keeping in the classroom or taking snacks to school! The variety of sizes and cute patterns at a reasonable price will help you save money on disposable bags.

Buy: Reusable Zip-Locks

Magnetic storage cup

Keep easily accessible items such as exhibition markers or rulers right on your whiteboard.

Buy: Magnetic storage cup

Play-Doh Slime Assortment Pack

After all, which students don’t love slime? For less than $ 10, this is a fun gaming activity. For more Play Doh activities, click here.

Buy: Play-Doh Slime

Replacement notepad

Get all the info you need from a sub with this handy notepad.

Buy: replacement notepad

Mini trophy pack

Great for student awards or a classroom celebration! Get 12 for just $ 5.

Buy: Mini Trophy Package

Hand wash timer

This 20 second timer will help students learn how to properly wash their hands and keep your classroom clean.

Buy: hand wash timer

Recycled notebooks

We also love these 100% recycled paper notebooks with a cute design! Check out the Target Back-to-School section for even more recycled items.

Buy: Spiral recycled notebook, Composition recycled notebook

Sticky dry-erase sheets

Turn any area of ​​your classroom into a dry-erase board with these simple $ 10 post-its.

Buy: dry erase sheets

Self-laminating sheets

No laminator? No problem. Keep your most frequently used papers intact.

Buy: Self-laminating sheets

Spray adhesive

Try spray glue to quickly change boards. This product dries clear and fast to aid you in all types of teaching projects.

Buy: spray glue

Mini office kit

Perfect for a traveling teacher cart or to toss your bag on the go. This pink kit with gold accessories is everything!

Buy: Mini Office Kit

Bowling set

This set can be used as a classroom game or integrated into a lesson!

Buy: bowling set

Let’s talk about dice

Talk about feelings, social skills, and get to know your students with these useful dice.

Buy: Let’s Talk Cubes

First aid kit

Have a first aid kit ready to grab a quick patch just in case.

Buy: first aid kit

Daily inspiration set

You too deserve to be inspired. Put these on your desk to start the day off right or share with your class every morning.

Buy: Daily inspiration set

Bulk glue

Buying glue in bulk so much cheaper. Instead of opting for individual bottles in the Target Back-to-School section, refill old containers or try our sponge hack and many other school supplies hacks!

Buy: bulk glue

File folder

These file binders come in a variety of colors and are great for papers, magazines, book organization, sorting, and more! Buy them online in sets of 4.

Buy: file folder / blue, file folder / green, file folder / pink, file folder / red

Play money

Teaching About Money This Year? Grab this set for $ 3.

Buy: play money

Post-it pack

Post-its are a necessity, and these colors make notes more fun. Regularly $ 12.99 but watch out for frequent sales. Check out all the ways you can use Sticky Notes in your classroom here.

Buy: Post-it pack

Post-it extreme

Have you seen this before? Make a quick note that will last a long time or label an item that you use frequently.

Buy: Post-it Extreme

Wire caddy

Perfect for group stations or desk organization, and they cost only $ 5 each.

Buy: Wire Caddy

Dry erase speech bubbles

Add something special to your whiteboard with these handy magnets or have students point out something during the class.

Buy: Dry Eraser Speech Bubbles

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