Palms-on science kits for junior excessive and highschool

Students often tell us that the coolest thing about science classes is hands-on activities. But it is often time consuming to collect and organize all the materials. Our favorite solution? These awesome science kits ready to use! In each of these kits, all materials for each activity are already preselected and sorted. You’ll also find teacher guides and student worksheets, so there’s little to no prep work to do! They are perfect for chemistry, biology, geology, science, and STEM/engineering classes.

Here are the hands-on science kits that are at the top of our wish list.

biology kits

These hands-on science kits contain everything you need to conduct biology experiments. Each kit is aligned to Next Generation Science standards and includes detailed instructions for use.

These preparation packs are perfect for individual use by students in distance learning or in the classroom. For example, choose your desired specimens – brain, kidney, heart, bullfrog, starfish, or fetal pig. Then pair them with the dissection accessory kit.

Calling all biology teachers! Your students will love these digital slide sets. Zoom, focus, measure and annotate real 3D scanned biology slides from virtually any internet-connected device.

Are these remains male or female? Take on the role of a forensic anthropologist to find out as much as possible about the preserved remains.

In this activity, students will learn about blood types and blood typing procedures, and then calculate the average for the entire population.

This 18 piece set follows veterinary medical procedures for suturing wounds. The students can try out surgical knots, suture tears and general wound care on the imitation skin.

geography kits

Everything you need to make hands-on Earth Science easy!

Space suits were designed to maintain astronauts’ body temperature in the extreme heat and cold of space. Students will evaluate the “space worms” included in the kit, testing temperatures and determining the best space suit option.

Explore the moon’s movements and phases with a combination of teacher-led lessons and student activities. Here’s everything you need to learn all about the moon!

Design a water filtration system to discover how tap water is filtered right in the classroom! The students develop their own modern cleaning process.

geology kits

These self-contained collections are affordable and perfect for teaching basic properties of rocks and minerals. Each collection includes 12 specimens and a photo key.

Introduce your students to a wide range of basic minerals including muscovite, hematite, limonite, milky quartz and more.

Discover the distinctive features of igneous rock including granite, pumice, obsidian and more with this kit.

How are soils formed from rocks and minerals? This collection includes different soil types and samples of the various rocks and minerals from which they came, along with a sample list describing each sample and its role in soil formation.

With this model, students can observe what happens when rainwater flows over an area, causing different landforms and watersheds.

Generate seismic waves in the classroom! Students will learn about the types of seismic waves and create their own structure to test its durability.

chemistry kits

These handy science kits contain everything you need to conduct fun chemistry experiments. Each kit is aligned to next-generation scientific standards. They also include a detailed instruction manual.

In this lab, students study the physical properties of several elements and test their chemical reactivity. In addition, they use their results to classify each of the elements tested as either metal, nonmetal, or metalloid.

Discover the different properties of acids and bases. In this activity, students will test solutions for pH, conductivity, reactivity, and more.

Become a toxicologist and analyze 15 patient samples to test for alcohol, illegal drugs and painkillers.

Physical Science Kits

Build your students’ problem-solving, inquiry, and engineering skills with these lesson-ready activity kits. Included are must-have accessories and flexible activity guides for teaching on a variety of topics.

Take your students back to the Middle Ages with this project. Using high-quality, precision-cut birch veneer, students construct their own trebuchet and use it to determine the kinetic energy of different projectiles.

Introduce the physics fundamentals with this kit! Using a wedge, an inclined plane, and a screw, students discover the mechanical advantages of each to increase work efficiency.

Unravel the mystery of Prospector’s Cove with this fascinating activity! A crime has been committed and a particular type of beach sand found on the victim is the key piece of evidence. Included are materials for 10 groups of students, five different types of sand as well as sugar and salt, 80 slide holders and instructions.

STEM and engineering kits

Harness your students’ curiosity and build STEM skills with these exciting building sets. These fun options are all about hands-on learning.

Students will learn the basics of the digestive system and the properties of the enteric coating. You will use this new knowledge to create a simulated coating for pharmaceutical use.

Your students can build a wind powered generator from scratch. This kit includes a full step-by-step illustrated guide to guide students through the build. In addition, there are tips for blade design and offers ideas for innovations.

Using a toothbrush head and a vibrating motor, students build their own mini-bot. By changing the position of the pipe cleaner arms, BristleBots move in circles, in straight lines, or dash around randomly. This kit includes all materials. No tools are needed!

This activity takes paper art to a new level. Each kit includes conductive tape, LED lights, jumbo paper clips, and coin cell batteries. Combine these materials with one of the available worksheets, art projects, or greeting card templates, or create an original work of art with a scientific flair.

Custom hands-on science kits

Ward’s Quick Kits make it easy to build your own custom science kit. From makerspace kits to biology lab kits, the possibilities are endless. A consultant will work with you to understand your goals. Then they’ll help you choose from a list of hundreds of popular science supplies like pipettes, microscope slides, and food coloring. The kits arrive pre-sorted and ready to use!

Looking for more academic resources?

Ward’s Science has kits for every science subject, so you’re sure to find one that fits your curriculum. You’ll also find ready-to-use science activities and lessons created by teachers like you! The Science by You program offers countless options in a variety of science subjects.

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