Renters will probably be shielded from eviction for an extra month

Tenant advocacy groups have pressured President Joe Biden’s administration to extend the CDC’s eviction ban for at least another month.

Carlos Barria | Reuters

Who is Eligible?

In order to obtain protection from eviction, you must certify on a declaration form that you meet certain requirements, e.g.

You must have experienced financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic, such as high medical costs or reduced working hours.

Renters are also required to confirm that an eviction could result in their being homeless or moving in with their family or others and that they have tried to apply for rental assistance.

This form should be sent to your landlord.

What if I’m already threatened with eviction?

Try talking to your landlord, experts say.

“Tell them, ‘This is being postponed another month,'” Pollock said.

If your landlord ignores the moratorium extension, see a lawyer ASAP. At, you can find inexpensive or free legal assistance regarding an eviction in your state.

Renters are now entitled to advice in Washington, Maryland and Connecticut, as well as in a number of cities including New York, Philadelphia and Seattle.

what else can I do?

New York, for example, has extended its eviction ban until September.

Meanwhile, Minnesota lawmakers have just reached an agreement banning eviction for tenants who are applying for rent allowance. This protection is valid for 12 months until June 2022.

Nevada renters also cannot be ousted if their rental grant application is pending or their landlord refuses to accept the grant.

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