Sea degree rise will trigger “mass exodus of biblical proportions.”

Essay by Eric Worrall

In the UN fantasy land, rising sea levels will lead to mass exodus from London, New York and Shanghai and “ever tougher competition” for resources.

‘Mass exodus of biblical proportions’: UN warns New York, London and Shanghai of impacts of rising sea levels

The United Nations says that an estimated 900 million people, or more than one in ten of the world’s population, will be affected by sea level rise around the world.

  • The UN Secretary-General has warned the Security Council of rising sea levels.
  • He said approximately 900 million people living near water are at high risk.
  • The Australia Institute says Australia is already affected.

The United Nations has warned of a mass exodus due to sea level rise caused by climate change.

Megacities on every continent will face serious impacts, including Lagos, Bangkok, Mumbai, Shanghai, London, Buenos Aires and New York, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the Security Council.

Mr Guterres said rising waters will create a new type of conflict, with people, companies or countries fighting over land.

“We would see a mass exodus of entire populations on biblical proportions, and we would see ever-increasing competition for fresh water, land and other resources,” he said.

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My question – how can anyone take these claims about sea level rise seriously?

For thousands of years, humans have fought the sea and won.

Take the city of Venice, Italy. Venice began as fishermen living on impoverished, inaccessible islands separated by water from the barbaric chaos of the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Refugees from the mainland began arriving en masse in AD 584 after the Lombard barbarian hordes invaded Italy.

Since the mass settlement of Venice, the Venetians have fought the sea and won, transforming their humble islands of fisherman’s cottages into one of the world’s architectural marvels.

The US city of Seattle dealt with the risk of flooding by raising its street level by an entire floor, creating the Seattle Underground.

Chicago jacked entire buildings when they raised their streets in the mid-19th century – one of the jacked building structures weighed an estimated 35,000 tons.

The Netherlands has been building dykes and pumps for centuries – a significant portion of Dutch farmland would be tidal flats or even permanently submerged without any major and continuous efforts being made to hold back the sea.

Much of Singapore is reclaimed land – land that was once sea that has been filled with concrete, sand and steel and turned into dry land.

Sea level rise poses no threat to anyone except people who give up because they believe the UN’s absurd climate alarmism and sea level rise claims.


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