Signal the Petition to Serve Vegan Meals at COP26 – Do you wish to rely on it?

Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

Heura Foods is appalled that their petition to put climate-friendly vegan food on the menu at the upcoming COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow is being ignored.

Plant-based foods are crucial in the fight against climate change. Why is it not a priority at COP26?

from Jill Ettinger
Published on August 25, 2021

In a petition on, Spanish vegan meat brand Heura Foods calls on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to bring vegan foods to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), due to be held in Glasgow in November.

“We listened to your words. We noticed your (lack of) action. Now is the time to act and embrace nutrition as an important avenue to have a positive impact on the climate crisis, ”Brand Co-Founders Mark Coloma and Bernat Ananos Martinez wrote in a post on LinkedIn.

The aim of the two-week summit is to accelerate dialogues and actions relating to the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

According to Heura Foods, there is “more than enough data” to validate plant-based foods as a means of slowing the climate emergency. However, the COP26’s menu options aren’t entirely vegetable, according to the brand.

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I think everyone at WUWT shares my horror that climate-friendly vegan foods could be underrepresented at COP26. Imagine the misery; How will our executives live with having to consume high-carbon foods like roast beef and caviar, Texas-style BBQ brisket, Italian pasta, cheesecake, bacon, ham, salmon and cream cheese if they really want to lead by example? Make COP26 a showcase for climate-friendly salads?

Imagine if the UK Prime Minister of COP26 Boris Johnson had the option of opting for vegetarian food with no choice but to eat a large juicy, tender, rare steak instead that was preceded by gravy, sauce, Spices and CO2 emissions dripping, one guilt-laden bite at once?

At WUWT, we urge everyone to sign the petition now to ensure our executives are properly provided with climate-friendly vegan food options.

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