Sky Information Suppose Bangladesh By no means Used To Flood – Watts Up With That?


JULY 10, 2021

By Paul Homewood

Sky’s propaganda report on extreme weather also mentioned flooding in Bangladesh:

The immediate human cost of heatwaves in Canada, flooding in Bangladesh, hurricanes in the United States and wildfires in Australia is of course high.

As any competent journalist should have known, severe flooding in Bangladesh is a common event, something which has always occurred in the majority of years. British Pathe , for instance, have many film footages from the 1970s on the link below. I’d recommend viewing one at random.

The headlines give you a flavour:

  • 1972  – Monsoon floods bring death and misery –

                       – Thousands made homeless

                       – Major air drop of food begins to feed millions facing starvation

  • 1974  – Worst floods in living memory

                       –  Millions face famine

  • 1975  – 10,000 homeless
  • 1976  – Nearly a quarter of the country under water
  • 1977  –  200,000 homeless
  • 1978   – Army launches massive rescue operation to save victims of floods

And this does not even cover the Bhola cyclone in 1971, which took a half a million lives.

Sadly Sky News and honest, competent journalism seem to have parted company long ago.

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