Straightforward Concepts for Socially-Distanced Seating Preparations

It’s hard to believe that we’re entering the third year of pandemic teaching, but here we are! Some districts have no mandates, while others are encouraging preventive measures. No matter what we’re doing now, things will probably change throughout the school year. During times like these, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan (and a backup plan for the backup plan). Need inspiration for simple socially distanced seating arrangements for classrooms? We’ve got you covered!

1. Try staggering desks

This teacher staggered her desks to create more room for her first and second grade students.

Source: Elena Brynildson

2. Use longer tables

If you have access to longer tables, they can help students stay apart.

Source: @mscamilavasconcelos

3. Dive deep

An ocean theme with plexiglass dividers can make socially distanced seating arrangements more fun.

Source: @mrs.dunnimdone

4. Create layers

Use desks of different heights and a variety of seats to keep things interesting!

Source: @thedelightfulmrsdetine

5. Try trio seating

In districts that allow students to face each other, this is a good option and facilitates group work.

Source: @middleschoolfrolics

6. Stagger the layout

Keep it simple and save your sanity, especially if you’ve got a large class!

Source: @mrslesserismore

7. Be flexible

This teacher cut up old yoga mats for easy floor seats.

Source: @mehermagic_ms.karima

8. Create storage

Dividers help separate and storage can move away from the walls and next to desks in order to make more space.

Source: @thedepaulschoolalumni

9. Make use of all the space

Can’t have morning meeting? Make use of the carpet space with additional seating.

Source: @thewanderingteach

10. Mark the spot

Use tape to simplify socially distanced seating arrangements. Make sure everyone’s in the right spot at a glance!

Source: @ausomelyasd

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