The local weather information cabal simply cannot cease – watts with that?

Statement from Kip Hansen – July 9, 2021

The Climate News Cabal: a loose association of pseudo-journalists who have enlisted like-minded souls to spread climate alert on all news and media outlets around the world, and it should be noted that there is more than one of these nefarious groups still are with it. Worse than ever. I call them pseudo-journalists because they have given up all the mores of journalism in order to preserve the thrill of the point of view and political advocacy that masquerade as journalism. One such group is Covering Climate Now, which ironically corrupts journalism from the Columbia Journalism Review.

I’m on their mailing list (Sun Tzu – “Keep Your Enemies Closer”). They email all of their completely nonsensical plans to make the world believe we are all going to die. . . . Countdown. . . 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 -… years if we-the-people “don’t do what we-the-elites say!” It’s always a threat and the things we all have to do are always the same – it gives a mandatory list of UN / IPCC / SDGs / Green-New-Dealers and all that is left of Ike Eisenhower: give up all petroleum products, give up your gasoline and diesel cars, give up 24/7 electricity (only who has it, has to give up, whoever does not have it may not have it in the first place). And a couple of other weird little things: stop eating meat, stop having families with kids, go anywhere you can’t walk or bike.

Here is the latest rant from CCNow that was sent to my email inbox:

Do the climate deniers really believe their nonsense?
JULY 8, 2021

It’s a trope in political journalism to wonder if high profile climate deniers are “in the joke”. That is, do they privately recognize that the science is unambiguous, but cynically choose to argue otherwise in public? Or are they really hopelessly uninformed?

In a video broadcast to CNN this week, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said during a lunch with GOP women in June, “I don’t know about you guys, but I think climate change is Bullshit. ”(Johnson pronounced the key word as if that would make a difference.) He also falsely claimed that“ more and more ”scientists are debunking climate change – and he unironically said that climate action would be“ a self-inflicted wound ” . ”

It’s pretty easy. And given the private sphere, the obvious conclusion is that Johnson – a man with virtually unlimited access to expertise and resources – actually believes in it.

Not just politicians, of course. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called French President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to amend his country’s constitution to take account of climate change, “the latest example in Western democracies of the division between the climate-obsessed elites and the Publicity”.

In fact, studies and surveys consistently show that climate change is a matter of great public concern. A June report by Yale’s Climate Communications Program found that majorities in each of the 31 countries polled, often with large majorities, want governments to make climate change a priority; in the USA the majority is smaller, but is still clearly in favor of action. And that’s despite the fact that only one in five Americans realizes that scientists agree that climate change is real, man-made, and very dangerous.

Climate denial and misinformation are likely to get worse as meaningful action is finally on the table. Today’s weather extremes make the plight more and more obvious, yet parts of the elite and mass opinion, especially in the United States, are still pervaded by misconceptions. Some climate deniers certainly don’t want to know any better. However, some of the misjudgments have their roots in years of inadequate media coverage. Journalists now have to make the facts unmistakably clear to all listeners – also that only fast, far-reaching action can maintain a livable climate for us all.

Not an author who pays credit, of course (who would call that if they could evade that?) As you can imagine, I might have written it this way:

“It’s a trope in skeptical journalism to wonder whether high-profile climate alarmists are “on the joke”. That is, do they privately recognize that science is nonsensical, but cynically choose to claim the opposite in public? Or are you really hopelessly uninformed? “

“I mean, do Al Gore or Emma Thompson or Jane Fonda or Brad Pitt actually believe that it is the right thing to fly around the world in private jets to raise climate alarms in countries where people don’t even have toilets or electric lights ? ? “

It could just be me, but really?

You see how CCNow works, they try to shame a incumbent US Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin for publicly showing his true personal understanding (of all people, he is a politician, after all):

“In a video broadcast to CNN this week, Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, said during a lunch with GOP women in June,” I don’t know about you guys, but I think climate change (Johnson pronounced the key word as if it made a difference.) He also falsely claimed that “more and more” scientists are debunking climate change – and he unironically said that climate action is “a self-inflicted wound” would. ”

Hmmm, Ron Johnson thinks climate change is BS – so what? He thinks, that “‘More and more scientists expose climate change “- we can’t verify Senator Johnson’s opinion – it’s an opinion. But are “more and more” scientists exposing climate change? Let’s see. Try a quick Amazon search for recent books Skeptical of Climate Change and Politics. My goodness, More and more scientists are writing books that expose climate alarmism. As always, no one (almost … some crazy people out there) is claiming that the climates or climates won’t change.

Will some types of radical climate action be “a self-inflicted wound”? You can bet on it! Some nations have already suffered self-inflicted wounds from misguided climate policies. This is supported by even more scientists, politicians and economists than are generally skeptical about climate change.

So Senator Johnson is giving his unvarnished opinion on climate change (“BS”) and pointing it out two real things but CCNow pretends that it is two wrong things.

But wait, there’s more! The link to the word “Bullshit” in the CCNow email points to a progressive political hit job show on CNN, “Kfile”, from which these quotes are taken:

“In a statement, Johnson told CNN,” My statements are consistent. I’m not a climate change denier, but I’m not a climate change alarmist either. Climate is not static. It has always changed and always will. ”The Senator made a similar statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week and later posted a response on his Senate website on his opinion on climate change saying that humanity could“ easily move on adapt to climate change “.

“Also in 2010, Johnson falsely claimed that the country of Greenland was” actually green at some point “in order to dismiss the effects of climate change.”

Gosh, his sin is to notice that the climate has changed and changed and to admit that you are not a climate alarmist (which seems to be required in the eyes of CNN). Johnson foolishly believes that humanity can adapt to climate change (as we have done throughout the modern warm period). But to claim that Greenland was once actually green – that must be called false.

Do you think anyone from CCNow or our aspiring CNN climate alarmists has actually been to Greenland? Can’t you really know that much of the coastal areas are green today and a lot more of them were green during the previous two warm periods?

That looks pretty green to me, except for the mountain tops – which is also the case in winter in Los Angeles, California.

To add insult to injury, CCNow goes beyond any verifiable truths and allegations: “Scientists agree that climate change is real, human-made, and very dangerous.” That is not true.

This is my opinion, which in my opinion is much closer to the truth, closer to the reality:

“Most scientists agree that an idea of“ climate change ”is real – it ranges from“ The climate is changing all the time ”to“ the earth seems to be warming up slightly ”to a full blown climate alarm. Many scientists agree that human changes in the environment – our many huge cities, ubiquitous land use changes, deforestation, widespread agriculture, and so-called greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere – may or likely have caused some of these changes. Very few scientists publicly state in published work that climate change is “very dangerous” right now – many more are willing to say that at some point in the future it could become dangerous enough to require adaptation. – Kip Hansen “

CCNow, Climate Desk, and other efforts of this kind are destroying the trust the public once had in journalists and journalism, and especially science journalism – this advocacy cabal is stretching, distorting, misrepresenting and deliberately distorting both the facts and current events, to “move public opinion” – what was formerly known as brainwashing – to make what is not real appear real. Despicable.

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Author’s comment:

I have a strong opinion on this issue but have held back. Most importantly, readers should realize that their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives – all over the world – are being fed this type of deliberately misleading climate news every day in any message that the Climate Alert can be plugged into, whether it fits or not . No wonder they’re scared.
I didn’t go out of the way to expose many of the obviously false and misleading things in the CCNow email … those who wish to contribute can do so in comments.

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