The most effective dinosaur movies for youths to share within the classroom

We can’t get enough of dinosaurs. Although they went extinct millions of years ago, they are still an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s blockbuster movies, paleontological digs, action figures or even pyjamas, we’re obsessed with dinosaurs! We’ve compiled this list of the best dinosaur videos for kids to share with students in your classroom. You will roar for more!

Learn dinosaurs for kids

This 45 minute cartoon about dinosaurs is perfect for teaching young children about different species and their sounds. They will enjoy trivia games, puzzles and more while learning with Club Baboo!

dinosaurs for kids

This video delves into the unique history of dinosaurs, discussing different types of dinosaurs, how they were named, famous fossils, and the field of paleontology.

Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Kids will learn cool facts about dinosaurs with this engaging resource that discusses the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, what we’ve learned from studying their fossils, the types of foods they ate, and more. This video also works with three free worksheets: dinosaur, fossilsand Extinct and endangered animals.

Tyrannosaurus Rex facts for kids

If you’ve heard of dinosaurs, you’ve probably heard of Tyrannosaurus Rex – but how much do you really know about the king of dinosaurs? This video reveals facts that may surprise you!

Learn Dinosaurs with Blippi at the T-Rex Ranch!

With the T-Rex Ranch Rangers as his guides, photographer Blippi embarks on a dino-tastic adventure at the T-Rex Ranch. Follow him as he captures every memorable moment.

Blippi explores the Dinosaur Natural History Museum

While exploring natural history and science at the Natural History Museum in Santa Barbara, California, Blippi learns all about different dinosaurs.

The toughest of all dinosaurs: The Triceratops

When a Triceratops and a T-Rex go head-to-head, who would win the terrifying duel? The answer might surprise you! This video shares some incredible facts about the Triceratops, from its nail-like skin to its fearsome tusks.

Dinosaurs 101 | National Geographic

Did you know that more than a thousand species of dinosaurs once roamed the earth? This video from National Geographic shows which dinosaurs were the biggest and which were the smallest, what they ate and how they behaved, plus some facts about their extinction that you might not know.

10 Surprising Facts About Dinosaurs You Didn’t Know!

From cannibalistic dinosaurs to ones with tails that made sonic booms, this fascinating video covers some fun facts about dinosaurs that you’ve probably never heard of before!

The 10 Largest Marine Dinosaurs That Ever Existed On Earth

Most of us are familiar with land-roaming dinosaurs, but what about those that lived in the sea? This video features some of the largest aquatic dinosaurs, including the remarkable Pliosaurus.

Recent discoveries about dinosaurs shocked scientists. What did you find?

In early 2022, a giant ‘sea dragon’ aka Ichthyosaurus was found in Britain! This discovery is one of the most complete Ichthyosaurus skeletons in the history of paleontology.

11 Dinosaur Theories That Were Unknown

There are some mind-blowing theories about dinosaurs that are actively being explored. Did you know that some dinosaurs were as big as chickens? Or that some even had fur? Notably, did you know that some argue that dinosaurs didn’t actually go extinct? This video answers these and other questions!

See dinosaur footprints exposed by the Texas drought

A 2022 drought in the Southwest revealed something truly spectacular: dinosaur tracks in Texas. The unexpected discovery included triangular footprints left by an Acrocanthosaurus millions of years ago!

The 10 craziest new discoveries about dinosaurs!

From the discovery of what might be the largest creature to ever walk the earth, to an insane dinosaur massacre, this video highlights ten of the craziest recent revelations about dinosaurs!

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