The most effective thought for classroom cleansing

The end of the school year is packed with must-dos. That means there’s often an ever-growing list of things you can’t quite get done before the last day of school — like cleaning the classroom.

Before you send your students off for the summer, we want you to tell yourself this: I don’t have to clean my classroom by myself. Repeat that. I don’t have to clean my classroom by myself.

Instead, we suggest you adopt a move from Kendyl York’s playbook. She is a second grade teacher and recently hosted a cleaning contest in her classroom. Check out the results she posted on TikTok

It’s about winning the “dirtiest wipe challenge”.


My room is so clean afterwards! I picked a winner for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! #fyp #teacher #tecaherlife #teachertok #teachersbelike #teachersoftiktok #cleantok #competition #viral #foryou #endoftheschoolyear #teacherfyp #cleanclassroom #summercountdown


The three students with the dirtiest towels received the highest award: first, second and third place. While most people liked the idea, there were a few naysayers.

One person posted in the comments, “Our students shouldn’t be forced to clean at school.”

Kendyl responded by saying, “Oh, they’re not made. They ask me to sweep, clean, etc. every day and actually fight over who gets to do it. They love to help.”

A few people wrote about teachers and students not being responsible for cleaning, but several people talked about how it could teach children valuable life skills.

One administrator even spoke up with a big “Thank you!” to the students.

Kendyl reports that her classroom was very clean and ready for the summer once everyone was done.

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