The right way to Use BookWidgets to Replace Your Google Classroom

Google Classroom kept my courses going last year. My students and I switched from distance learning to face-to-face learning and back again, but Google Classroom was the constant link. I knew it would play a role in my classroom again this year, but now that I’ve heard about BookWidgets, Google Classroom could be the focus.

Introduction to BookWidgets

At its core, BookWidgets is a tool for creating content. It allows teachers to create 40 different types of interactive activities and assessments and assign them to their Google classes. What sets BookWidgets apart is that you can do all of these without ever having to visit another website. BookWidgets is a Google Chrome extension that works right in your Google Classroom. Every feature (including an extensive image library) is already included.

Read on to see four ways you can use BookWidgets to update your Google Classroom this year:

1. Assign engaging activities to students

BookWidgets has an extensive library of fun, interactive activities to choose from! My favorite might be the split worksheet as it can add text or even audio, video or other website activity on the opposite side of the already super customizable worksheet. Each activity can be customized with pictures to make it even more engaging. The assessments include 30 different types of questions to help you find the right question for your subject and grade level. In addition, you can share the activities and assessments you have created with other teachers.

2. Automatically create graded worksheets

Not only does BookWidgets help you create activities that are guaranteed to motivate your students – it will grade them too! That’s impressive, but what I like even more is the data BookWidgets provides about student performance. A teacher can easily see which questions baffled students most, which students are having difficulty, and in which areas. This makes troubleshooting planning and learning much easier.

3. Provide constructive feedback on student work

I’m an English teacher so feedback is my jam. If I can’t quickly and easily respond to student work with an app, I won’t use it. Fortunately, BookWidgets understands teachers and makes it very easy to leave feedback. You add a comment on a single question or on an assessment as a whole. In addition, you can allow students to revise their answers based on your notes.

4. Follow student progress in real time

BookWidgets also offers a way to follow students in real time! You can use this to help students in trouble or to ask a question to the entire class for instant feedback. Easily identify students who finish early and may need more challenge. Keep track of who seems to be struggling with specific questions and make a note of them for additional guidance later. It really is a powerful way for teachers to make sure we differentiate for each student. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Are you ready to take your Google Classroom to a whole new level? Check out BookWidgets’ free webinar.

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