The US identify change from Volkswagen to “Voltwagen” was April Idiot’s advertising and marketing coup

The German automaker Volkswagen is not going to change the name of its US business to Voltwagen of America after all.

The news, posted on the U.S. media site on Monday and officially announced in a press release on Tuesday, was part of an extensive April Fool’s Day joke, the company confirmed in a statement late Tuesday.

“The rebranding should be an April Fool’s joke announcement and highlight the launch of the ID.4 all-electric SUV,” said Mike Tolbert, US spokesman for VW, in a statement sent via email.

The company is expected to release a follow-up announcement by Wednesday morning outlining its marketing strategy, said a person familiar with the plans.

The Wall Street Journal reported the prank on Tuesday and quoted a Volkswagen spokesman in Wolfsburg.

An unfinished version of the first press release was briefly posted on VW’s US media newsroom website on Monday morning before being shut down. The news media, including CNBC, covered the news after it was confirmed by unnamed sources within the company who appeared to have lied to several reporters.

The press release said the name change is expected to take effect in May, calling the change a “public statement for the company’s future investment in electric mobility”. It is said that Voltwagen will be used as an exterior badge on all EV models, with gas vehicles only bearing the company’s iconic VW emblem.

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