The very best instructor stamps that make grading and the classroom simpler

If you teach in elementary school, chances are you will love a good teacher stamp. Not only are they adorable, but they can also make the grading process so much faster. Here are some of our most popular teacher stamps you can find online.

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1. Say goodbye to dirty hands with these self-inking, interchangeable stamps!

These self-inking stamps stay moist so you don’t have to worry about your ink pads drying out in the middle of the year. Use the tweezers provided to change the stamps. Each set contains two stamps and ten rubber stamps as well as the tweezers.

Buy: Self-Inking Stamps / Amazon

2. Show your love for social media

It’s not just your students who love social media! Show your funny side and make your day with this heart-shaped “like” emoji.

Buy: “Like” stamp / Etsy

3. Let your students know that you are proud of a job well done

Who doesn’t love a good pun? This “Taco ‘Bout Great Work” will make your students giggle.

Buy: Taco Bout Stamp / Etsy

4. Melissa and Doug to the rescue!

What’s not to love about this kit? We especially love the name? Stamp, as forgetting the name on the assignments at the beginning of the school year is a special struggle for the students. The kit comes with washable ink (yay!), Gold stars, ten stamps and colored pencils.

Buy: Melissa and Doug Stamp Set / Amazon

5. Make a “super” impression with these customizable stamps

If you’re creating (or not) a superhero theme this is what you’ll need. Customize everything from hair, facial hair, mask, cape, and names!

Buy: Superteacher Male Stamp / Etsy (Psst! Ladies, you can find your super female stamp here.)

6. Various stamp sets

Cover everything with this great assorted stamp set. From different types of feedback to parenting signatures, this set is so helpful.

Buy: Various stamp sets / Amazon

7. Periodic Personalization

Channel the periodic table with these personalized name stamps. Great for your class library, resource books, or stationery!

Buy: Periodic Table Stamps / Etsy

8. Heard this book

Make sure your books are returned with this cute stamp design.

Buy: This book is owned by / Etsy

9. The stamp collection to end all stamp collections

This set covers just about any comment you might want to make when grading homework and homework. From incomplete reminders to note stamps to late reminders – this set of 30 stamps will get you a long way!

Buy: Teacher stamp set / Amazon

10. Postage stamps + emojis? Yes, please!

This set of 50 stamp mojis will make your students smile.

Buy: Emoji Stamps / Amazon

11. Don’t forget the ink!

Use fun rainbow colors with your favorite stamps to add color to your grading.

Buy: Rainbow Inkpad / Amazon

12. Encourage reading at home with this cute raccoon stamp

This is seriously a cute little forest animal. Use this stamp to encourage people to read a book or poem aloud at home.

Buy: Raccoon Stamp / Amazon

13. Celebrate Success in Spanish

What is more exciting than a “Buen Trabajo” teddy bear? These options are too adorable to pass up.

Buy: Spanish Postage Stamps / Amazon

14. Make your student day

Words are powerful tools, and there’s nothing like an “I’m proud of you” message to mark a child’s day!

Buy: Proud Stamp / Etsy

15. Encouragement with wooden stamps

This fun assortment covers any comments you might want to make for less than $ 10!

Buy: Holzstempel / Amazon

16. Keep things confidential

This stamp is great for sensitive student information or if you want to keep your work anonymous.

Buy: Confidential Stamp / Amazon

17. Personalize your classroom library

Use this stamp and your students will never have to wonder if the book in their backpack belongs in your class library or in the school library. Available in four different designs.

Buy: Classroom Library Stamp / Amazon

18. Custom teacher stamp

Customize this teacher stamp with your name and any check boxes you need to complete actions.

Buy: Custom Teacher Stamp / Etsy

19. Teach math? Grab one of these base 10 stamps

Quickly stamp a frame of ten and have your students fill in each square. The two-part set includes the tens frame and the dot stamp. This can also be used to help students learn to count tens.

Buy: Base Ten Stempel / Amazon

20. Explore the world in your social studies class

Spice up your social studies class and take your students on a trip around the world. Grab some blank passports and use these stamps (all 24) to teach your class about other cultures and countries.

Buy: Stamps Social Studies / Amazon

21. Get a parent’s signature

Quickly stamp this on student work to ensure it is returned with a parent signature.

Buy: Parents Signature Stamp / Etsy

22. Jump on the unicorn train

Did your students create magical works? Let them know! This personalized unicorn stamp is too cute not to use!

Buy: Unicorn Stamp / Etsy

23. Show your expression with star stamps

We love these star stamps with facial expressions to provide feedback to students. The set also includes other stamping options!

Buy: Star Expression Stamps / Amazon

24. A personalized stamp for Spanish teachers too

Fully customizable and a great way to dice Buen Trabajo.

Buy: Personalized Spanish Teacher Stamp / Etsy

25. Personalize all of the papers from your classroom

Make sure papers, books and other items are returned to you with this stamp.

Buy: From the Stamp / Etsy classroom

26. Use this round stamp set to commend the students

These cute little stamps are full of cheering messages.

Buy: round stamp set / Amazon

27. Your students are out of this world

Let your students know how great their work is because it is out of this world!

Buy: Out of this World Postage Stamp / Amazon

28. Personalize it with your Bitmoji

Use your Bitmoji to make the students smile.

Buy: Bitmoji Stamp / Etsy

29. A simple essay evaluation checklist

Use this self-checklist when grading and easily provide feedback to students.

Buy: Essay Grading Stamp / Etsy

30. Keep track of homework

Keep track of your homework with this helpful assessment tool.

Buy: Homework Stamp / Etsy

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