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“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t quietly curse those stupid electric cars once or twice.”

‘Brutal:’ EV road trip features bundled in winter clothing to avoid running heater

April 17, 202311

A Business Insider reporter learned how “brutal” a car ride in an electric vehicle (EV) can be when he was forced to pack up instead of using the heater in his car to try to maximize his range. After the drive, he said, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t quietly curse those stupid electric cars once or twice.”

Business Insider’s Tim Levin drove the new Toyota bZ4X electric SUV from New York City to Washington, DC and back and found he was forced to spend about a quarter of his time charging his electric vehicle. But things got worse from there.

“I headed back to New York on a cool morning with a range of 176 miles. When I tried to turn on the heater, the displayed range dropped to 125 miles,” Levin wrote.

As a result, Levin had to make a choice: stay warm and charge twice, or turn off the heater – given the impact it has on the vehicle’s battery life and range – and deal with the cold. He chose the latter.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2023/04/17/brutal-ev-road-trip-features-bundling-up-in-winter-clothes-to-avoid-running-heater/

What a miserable experience.

Australian drivers also recently experienced their share of EV problems;

In Australia, EV owners had to queue in Gundagai when returning from an Easter holiday;

Easter weekend photo sparks concern about the future of electric vehicles in Australia


A long queue at an electric vehicle charging point in Gundagai on Good Friday has provided a glimpse of Australia’s future for electric vehicles “unless we get urgent planning in place”.

Matthew Bailes, driving from Melbourne to Sydney in his Tesla, snapped a picture of the situation.

“It was a 15-minute wait,” he told Tony Jones, standing in for Neil Mitchell.

Read more (includes a radio interview): https://www.3aw.com.au/easter-weekend-photo-shows-australias-ev-future-unless-we-get-urgent-planning-underway/

At least Gundagai wasn’t a stone-cold trail of misery like Tim Levin’s journey from New York to Washington DC, which comes in Gundagai later in the season.

What can I say? The only way to get EVs up and running in a remote town like Gundagai without massive waits is through large subsidies to fund enough chargers to avoid queues at busy times like holiday peaks. And likely on-site diesel generators to provide the power if electric vehicles ever gain a significant presence on the roads.

Or maybe electric vehicles could tow a diesel generator set on a trailer to provide continuous pop-up charging during long journeys.

Like this:

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