Younger individuals “really feel hopeless” – watts with that?


June 24, 2021

By Paul Homewood

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Young people who feel “hopeless and paralyzed” by fears of climate change need help and support, mental health experts said.

Place2Be – a charity that offers school counseling – said the issue was “becoming increasingly important”.

Plaid Cymru said it wants new guidelines for teachers and funding for eco-projects that focus on student well-being.

The Welsh government said curriculum changes would help.

While the physical dangers of climate change are now widely reported, the potential effects on people’s mental health have not received as much attention.

However, Cliona Vaughan, a consultant who works as a school project manager for Place2Be in South Wales, said the children’s environmental anxiety was caused by a feeling that politicians and big corporations were not acting fast enough.

She said a child told her, “We have to find another planet.”

She added, “They are concerned and are trying to find ways to solve the problem at a young age.”

Ms. Vaughan said it became more problematic as children get older because “they sometimes feel like the future is hopeless”.

“Children shouldn’t have to worry about this – they have their hopes and dreams, they want to look forward to a bright future, but what awaits them is that there isn’t much time left.”

She said children in schools need support to deal with climate fear.

If children really suffer from anxiety, the wretched BBC must bear much of the blame for its relentless, alarming propaganda.

The schools are also partly responsible for ensuring that the students are not given the actual facts about the climate.

As for the stupid Cliona Vaughan, the last thing kids need is “empowering support,” whatever that is.


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